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The real cost of living in Mauritius for expats and digital nomads (2024)


If you’re looking to relocate to Mauritius for short or long term, and you’d like to know if it makes sense for you financially, you’re at the right place. Famous for its low taxes (10-15%), Mauritius is often considered expensive especially compared to other countries in Africa, but relatively cheap compared to Europe. In fact, with the development of luxury tourism, prices can vary greatly and you can find all kind of price ranges for the same items.  The cost of living also depends on the town you choose to stay – some towns can be more expensive like Tamarin/Black River. With the inflation going on, the cost of living in Mauritius has increased quite a lot over the last year. 

The real cost of living in Mauritius (2024)


Housing rental cost in Mauritius

You have a few options to find your new home in Mauritius : apartments, villas in gated complexes and sometimes even resort-like complexes, or private landed houses. Prices have increased quite a lot since we arrived in 2022. Here are some actual costs for this year, after negotiation in Tamarin for your reference:

  • A high-end spacious 3 bedroom villa in a gated complex with a large garden and private swimming pool for 100,000 Rs/month  (about 2000)
  • A high-end 3 bedroom villa with seaview and shared swimming pool in a gated complex for 75–80,000 Rs/month  (about 1600)
  • A less high end small 3-bedroom beach house without pool or a 3-bedroom landed house with private swimming pool for 50,000 Rs/month (about 1100)

In Flic en Flac, just 20 min drive from Tamarin, prices are significantly cheaper

Grand Baie, some coastal areas and central areas popular with expats like Albion, Curepipe or Floréal are also in this price range.  

Check the current prices on the main real estate platforms in Mauritius. You can usually negotiate the price down.

The cost for utilities varies according to your lifestyle.  It can be 2000 to 3000 Rs/month (45-65), for electricity for 2 people, without using aircon, or 5000 to 15000 Rs (100-300) for a couple with kids and aircon. Water is very cheap. 


Transportation cost in Mauritius

Unfortunately, in Mauritius, it’s very difficult to avoid having a car.  Public bus is cheap but limited. Taxis are expensive and not so commonly available (1500-2000 Rs for Grand Baie to the airport).  

You’ll have to choose between renting or buying a car. There is a heavy tax on cars so new cars are quite expensive in Mauritius.  Buying a second-hand car which is 2-3 years old is a good way to go. You’ll get anywhere between 200,000 Rs to 2 millions Rs  (4500 to 45.000€), depending on the mileage, condition of the car, brand, etc. Usually, Japanese cars are cheaper to maintain and have a good resale value. There are plenty of sellers and the process to purchase is relatively easy.  Check the current options and prices on L’Express Cars,  MyCar and Motors MegaYou can also choose to go for long term rental. Prices vary from 15,000 to 25,000 Rs/month. Read our article on the best rental companies for long term car rental in the West. 

If you don’t want to get a car, buying a scooter is also a good and more affordable option : 100,000 Rs (2250 €).


Grocery shopping cost in Mauritius

There is a good choice of stores. You’ll find supermarkets like Super U, London Way, Intermarché or Food Lovers,  which offer a variety of products with international brands, especially French, Indian and South African. Read our article about the best grocery stores to buy your fruits and vegetables in-store or online in Mauritius… it turned out that buying online was cheaper for us.  You’ll also find more local food stores and even roadside merchants selling seasonal fruits and vegetables, which are of course much cheaper. 

Here is a list of prices of some common items in March 2024 in Tamarin supermarkets and online stores:



  • 1L full cream milk: 67 Rs (1.3€)
  • 1kg yoghurt nature: 100 Rs (2€) 

Bread & breakfast

  • 1 pack of Jordan Granola: 260 Rs (5.20€)
  • 1 fresh baguette at the bakery: from 5 Rs at London Way for a local baguette to 40 Rs for French tradition baguette 

Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes in Pote Age Tamarin

  • 1 avocado: 90 Rs (1.80€)
  • 1 kg banana: 89 Rs (1.78€)
  • 1 kg orange or apple: 109 Rs (2.18)
  • 1 kg plum tomatoes: 409 Rs (8.18€)
  • 1 kg mixed peppers / capsicum: 309 Rs  (6.18€)


  • 1 bottle of average wine: 400 to 600 Rs (8€ to 12€)
  • 1 pack of 6 local beers cans : 324 Rs (6.98€)

The cost of dining out in Mauritius

There are many options catering to all budgets in Mauritius. Here are a few references for comparison:

  • As resident of Mauritius, you’ll get access to all you can eat buffet dinners at luxury hotels for 2000 Rs (43€). 
  • For a sitting dinner in a nice restaurant in Tamarin, you’re likely to pay at least 300 Rs to 1000+ Rs (7 to 20€) per person with drinks
  • A Margharita pizza in a nice pizzeria in Tamarin costs 300-500 Rs (7-11€)
  • A McDonald’s BigMac (sandwitch only), often used as a reference around the world (“The Big Mac Index”), costs 145 Rs (2.9€) compared to 2.53€ in South Africa and 5.39€ in Europe.  
  • You can also have super cheap street food like Dal Puri and Dal Roti for just 20-25 Rs (0.40€), and we are usually full with eating just two of them.  


You have the choice between two operators: Emtel and My.t
  • WIFI : 50 Mbps fiber is good enough and it costs 1200 Rs/Month (26€). 
  • 3G: Unlimited data for about Rs 815 for 3 months (16.29€).
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