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Do I need to rent a car and what is the best car rental company in Mauritius (West)?

best car rental company in mauritius

Exploring the paradise island is best done with the freedom of your own wheels, and in this article, we will give you our advice on how to find an affordable car rental company in Mauritius to ensure that your exploration of Mauritius (in the West) remains both exciting and budget-friendly.


Do I need to rent a car in Mauritius?

Whether you’re a vacationer exploring the island for a few days, or a digital nomad seeking a unique workspace on the paradisiacal shores of Mauritius, having a reliable car rental service at your disposal is highly recommended to unlock the island’s treasures. While you certainly can navigate some towns in the West by walk, such as Flic en Flac, you may find yourself limited very soon without a car. The alternatives are taxis and ride-sharing services such as Yugo  but they are expensive and need to be booked in advance (often at least one day in advance). Public transportation, on the other hand, is really cheap but doesn’t give you the convenience and flexibility to explore the island as a car does. 


Best car rental companies for Short Stays in Mauritius

For short term travelers, we recommend to rent a car directly from the airport itself, as it is more convenient and will save you money in airport transfers which can be equal to a day or 2 of car rental each side. There you’ll find the international brands such as : 

We found First Car Rental, a Southafrican brand, to be the most affordable. 


Best car rental companies for Long Stays in Mauritius (in the west)

For digital nomads and other travelers settling in for an extended period, finding a good deal on car rentals can save you a substantial amount of money. The good news is that with the local car rental companies, there’s room for negotiation especially for long term rentals, allowing you to tailor the rental terms to your specific needs. Keep in mind that the price will depend on factors such as the type of car you choose and the length of your contract. Prices vary around 15,000 Rs to 25,000Rs per month. To provide you with a reference point, we discovered an excellent deal of 18,000 Rs per month for a one-year contract on a small automatic car (Axia Perodua), while we also know someone who secured a rate of 16,000 Rs per month for a similar vehicle. 

1. Follow Me Car Rental by Zub Express

Based in Flic en Flac and owned by the same owner as the Zubs restaurant, Follow Me Car offers one of the most affordable car rental option in the West of Mauritius. They offer short term and long term rentals and you can negotiate a good deal for a long term contract. 

Find out more on their Facebook page. Contact: 5777 6655. 

Car rental mauritius

2. AYS Car Rental

Based in La Gaulette, AYS Car rental is also an affordable option in the West. This small SME offers short term and long term rentals. They recently expanded, are reasonably priced, can deliver the car to your place and is run by a friendly couple. 

Contact: Whatsapp number is +230 57027915 or yashcarrental8@gmail.com.

3. Ravi Car Rental Mauritius

Based in La Gaulette, Ravi Car Rental in Mauritius has managed to amass a remarkable collection of positive reviews. This car rental service has earned a strong reputation for its exceptional responsiveness, ensuring that clients’ needs are promptly met and inquiries swiftly addressed. Moreover, Ravi Car Rental stands out for its cost-effective options, providing visitors with affordable and flexible choices to suit their budget. 

Contact: Whatsapp +23059743424. 

4. Shanti Car

Shanti Car is a more recent player based in Tamarin which is reported by clients to be flexible, efficient, and very professional. You can already notice their professionalism by visiting their website

5. Le Vacancier Ltee

Le Vacanciers is a car rental agency in Mauritius based in Flic en Flac known for its friendly staff, responsiveness, kindness, and affordability. Customers appreciate the warm welcome, quick assistance, and excellent service without breaking the bank.  Check their website to know more. 

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