The best places to live in Mauritius as an expat or digital nomad

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Confused about where to stay in Mauritius? Here’s our guide to the different regions in Mauritius you can select to settle in.

Picking the right neighborhood in a new country is always a dilemma and we all want to stay in the best location based on our needs and requirements. Mauritius is becoming a famous location among digital nomads and expatriates. There are beautiful white sand beaches, misty rainforests, majestic waterfalls, and exceptional resorts, but you probably also want to have easy access to shopping areas, hospitals, banks, or schools. So, to help you plan your Mauritius relocation and find out which place is right for you, here’s our Mauritius neighborhood guide that gives you a taste of the different areas and specialties each location has to offer.  

The best places to live and must-visit neighborhoods in Mauritius:

West and South-West Mauritius-

Famous for its quiet beaches, small fishing villages, and beautiful mountains, this region considers being the sunniest and driest region of the island. The most popular beaches of this region are Flic en Flac, Tamarin, and Le Morne visited by many locals and tourists for family outings, for activities like surfing, swimming, watching dolphins and whales, and for its heritage as well. You can quickly drive to the famous Black River Gorges National Park and enjoy hiking activities and can see a variety of bird and animal species. If you want to stay close to the mountains and the sea then this place will be perfect for you. The Black River district consists of many villages where you can choose to live.


Pointe Aux Sables and Albion-

These are the first 2 villages that you will cross on the way further south of the island from Port Louis. So it has the advantage of being near the capital if you’re working there. These coastal villages are very quiet and mostly inhabited by local residents. You can rent out budget-friendly beautiful villas near the beach and enjoy living in this peaceful and secluded area.
Shopping Centers- Dodo Supermarket, Shop Point, New Albion Supermarket, London Way
Banks- There are no banks in this region, the nearest will be in Tamarin or in the big cities of Mauritius like Port Louis, Ebene, and Quatre Bornes. 
Health centers- Albion CHC and Petite Rivière Community Health Center
Schools-  There are no International schools in this region, the nearest is in Flic en Flac 


Flic en Flac-

This place is known for its long white sand beach surrounded by casuarina trees that stretch for a few kilometers. During the weekend many locals visit the beach for picnics and swimming in the sea. Along the road, there are many restaurants and nightclubs making this place quite busy and happening. Packed with Italian restaurants, you can find out more about it here “Best Pizzerias in Black River”. There are many options for apartments and bungalows to rent out at a reasonable price for long-term or short-term contracts. Also, there are many local shops selling all the necessary things you need making this place famous among tourists and expats. 

Shopping Centers- Cascavelle Shopping, and  Jumbo Express Pasadena
Banks- There are no banks in this region, the nearest is in Tamarin
Health center- Clinique de L’occident
Schools- Westcoast International Primary School and Westcoast International Secondary School



Surrounded by beautiful mountains and a black sand beach, this area is now a very popular location for tourists and expatriates. There are many holiday rentals and also residential properties available on real estate sites like Lexpress property or Property cloud. This region is quite famous for leisure and commercial purposes which definitely makes it one of our personal favorite locations to live. There are many shopping centers, restaurants, and bars available here. If you want to know more about this place and what living costs would be like, you can read this article “The real cost of living in Mauritius for expats and digital nomads”. You can find a big expat community living here along the foothills of La Tourelle mountain. Frolic is based in Tamarin and we organize regular meet-ups for expat to meet new people. Follow us on Facebook to get updates on monthly meetup events. 

Shopping Centers- Ruisseau Creole, Couer Cap Tamarin, Food Lovers Market, Super U,  London Way Supermarket, Vanilla Village, and Espace Maison
Banks-MCB and Absa
Health centers- C care, Dr. Yves Cantin Community Hospital, and The Act Clinic
Schools- Telfair International Primary School

La Gaulette- 

Very close to the majestic Le Morne mountain this small village mostly consists of luxury holiday rentals and bungalows. It’s also famous for kitesurfers and divers as there are many training schools for surfing and diving. There are some restaurants available where you can enjoy Mauritian local cuisine. 

Shopping Centers- GSR La Gaulette Supermarket, Village Walk Shopping Center and Farmers Markets (Fresh Fruits and Veggies)
Banks- The nearest bank is in Tamarin
Health centers- La Gaulette AHC
Schools- Nearest International school is in Flic en Flac

Bel Ombre-

Almost at the extreme southern tip of the island, 50 km away from the Capital,  you will find this tiny and peaceful village. Mostly this place is inhabited by locals and 5-star hotels. Compared to the other parts of the island this village doesn’t get that many tourists making this place quite isolated and you can enjoy white beautiful beaches almost to yourself. Many locals sometimes visit Bel Ombre to do activities like Quad Biking, Diving, Trekking, etc. If all year-long warm and humid temperatures do not bother you and you are an avid nature lover then this is the perfect place for you to settle in.  

Shopping Centers- Biltong Food Emporium
Banks-Nearest bank is in the Black River District
Health Centers- Nearest Health Center is in the Black River District.
Schools- Nearest International school is in the Black River District. 
La Preneuse - best places to live in mauritius
La Preneuse Beach with Boats and Le Morne View. Photo Credit: Agnes Spel

Center Mauritius- 

The central region and towns are quite different from all the coastal towns. The central plateau has a different vibe with densely populated towns, frequent rainfalls, and much cooler temperatures than the rest of Mauritius. You will find many residential houses, local grocery stores, and street food stalls selling dholl puri, roti, and gateau piment. Because of its population, it gets very busy during the day and quite peaceful at night. It consists of four major towns: Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill, Quatre-Bornes, Vacoas/Phoenix, and Curepipe. This region is well connected with public transport systems like electric trams and many local buses. Rental properties are comparatively cheaper than in coastal towns of Mauritius. If you go to work in the Capital city of Port Louis or Ebene cybercity then living here is a great idea. 



One of the most populated towns of this region, Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill is famous for shopping malls and food stalls. You will find many types of restaurants and street food stalls selling delicious local food. It’s a well-connected town with an electric tram system and local buses that you can use to go to any part of this country. Surrounded by the beautiful Moka mountain range, nice children’s parks, markets, and victorian style houses, it is definitely a charming and cool place to live. 

Shopping Centers- Super U Rose Hill, Courts Mammouth, Plaza Boulevard, Magic Lantern, and many more
Banks- HSBC, MCB, Absa, Bank of Baroda, SBI, and many more 
Health Centers- Beau Bassin Health Centre, Rose Hill Area Health Centre
Schools- St. Andrew’s School and St Marys College


This busy town is filled with residential houses, food stalls, and local markets. It’s an ideal place if you want to experience the local Mauritian culture. Also it’s a very well-connected town with all the other nearby big districts like Moka, Ebene, Rose Hill, and Vacaos Phoenix.

Shopping Centers- La City Trianon, Orchard Center, Ebene Commercial Centre, Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius, Centre Commercial Emerald Park Ltee, and many more.
Banks- State Bank of Mauritius (SBM), Standard Charted Bank, MCB, and many more
Hospitals-Victoria Hospital, Medisave, St Jean Clinic, Quatre-Bornes Area Health Centre, and many more
School- Arden Junior School, and Hampton Primary School


This region is the coolest part of Mauritius. Famously known for Trou Aux Cerfs, a dormant volcano well decorated with a green lush garden and beautiful trees overlooking the Curepipe town. Many joggers and tourists go there to enjoy the view and the landscape. There are many options for renting an apartment or landed property at a decent price. It will be a perfect place for those who want to escape the heat and enjoy living in cooler climates.

Shopping Centers- Vacoas Square Shopping Mall, Manhattan Shopping Center, Garden Village Shopping Complex, Manhattan Curepipe, and many more
Banks- HSBC, MCB, Absa, Bank of Baroda, SBI, SBM, and many more 
Health Centers- Overseas Medical Care Assistance Ltd, Clinique Ferriere de Bon Secours, and C-Care Darné
Schools-Hampton Primary School, St.patrick Primary School, Imperial Colleges, and many more :
Moka - best places to live in mauritius
Eureka in Moka. Photo Credit: Lonelyplanet

North and North-West Mauritius-

Surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches and lagoons, the North is a popular place. There are many hotels and resorts, restaurants, boutiques, and nightclubs. Definitely, this is the most crowded place with tourists and expats living there. There are plenty of rental properties available and they are often more budget-friendly than in the West. The three major towns of this region are Port Louis, the Capital of Mauritius, Grand Baie, and Trou-aux-Biches. 


Port Louis-

The capital of Mauritius is the busiest city in Mauritius with many skyscrapers and markets. There are many historic and cultural sites,  restaurants and administrative buildings, and you’ll find a Chinatown district and a nice Harbour area. A trip to Mauritius is incomplete without visiting the capital city. Mostly inhabited by locals, you won’t find many expats living here. There are more office rental space options available than apartments to live in. 

Shopping Centers- Citadelle Mall, Port Louis Waterfront by Landscope Mauritius, Kinoo Square Shopping Mall, and many more
Banks- HSBC, MCB, Absa, etc
Hospitals- Dr. AG Jeetoo Hospital (Civil), Terre Rouge Health Centre, and Terre Rouge Health Centre
Schools-  Nearest International schools will be in Moka and Quatre Bornes


The small northern coastal town Trou-Aux-Biches is mostly filled with big hotels and resorts. This place has its charm with beautiful sand beaches and blue water. If you like to stay in a peaceful location away from the hustle of the city and crowds then this is your place. You will find many premium rental properties available on real estate websites like Lexpress property or Property cloud. If you are not on a budget then you can benefit from living in this beautiful location. 

Shopping Centers- Chez Popo Supermarket and S-Mart
Banks- MCB Triolet, SBM Triolet, and MauBank
Schools- Northlands School

Grand Baie and Cap Malheureux-

The infamous most happening town in the north is very famous among locals and tourists. This town is filled with lively bars and restaurants, hotels, and interesting boutiques. Many locals travel to this region during the weekend for family outings or partying with friends. Living here can be a great option because of cheap rental properties, big expat community, local convenience stores, and many types of activities that are available here. If you go a little further up, there’s a small fishing village at the northernmost tip of the island mostly inhabited by locals: the village of Cap Malheureux. Ideal for those who want to avoid the crowd in Grand Baie and stay in a peaceful location. Along the coast, you can find many beautiful rental properties.

Shopping Centers- Citadelle Mall, Mont Choisy Le Mall, La Croisette, and many more
Banks- MCB, ABC Bank, Absa, and many more
Health center- Clinique de Grand Baie, Clinic Darne, Centre Medical Du Nord, and C-Care Grand Baie
Schools- Saint Exupéry International School – Ecole Internationale Saint Exupéry, and  Martin Ecole’ette 
Coin de Mire. Photo Credit-monilemaurice

East Mauritius-

Famous for its beautiful long stretch white sands beach and beautiful landscape, this part of Mauritius is considered to be the windiest because of the wind from the southeast side, making the sea sometimes choppy. Probably you will find the best hotels on this side of the island and it’s very close to the airport. There are many small and vibrant villages making this place very interesting. The famous island Ile Aux Cerfs is very near, which many locals and tourists visit for snorkeling, kayaking, and picnic outings. This place is mostly inhabited by locals and not so popular among expats. Two districts Flacq and Mahebourg have a decent population of expats and there are some rental properties available. Disclaimer- This part of Mauritius is quite isolated from the rest of the country, having said that, for any important work you might have to drive to the center of Mauritius. 


A small but lively village, Flacq is mostly inhabited by the locals. You will find many local street food stalls and markets. The Flacq market is one of the biggest fresh markets in Mauritius and you can find varieties of goods and fresh produce. If you like the quiet lifestyle then definitely you can check this place out. You can find some rental options on real-estate websites. 

Shopping Centers- Coeur de Ville Flacq, Flacq Fresh Market, and Bo’Valon Mall
Banks- MCB, Absa, DBM, and many more
Health Center- Flacq Hospital, Aegle Clinic, and Medicare Clinic
Schools-There are no international schools in Flacq


Situated very close to the airport, a small village in the southeast surrounded by many fishermen villages. This region is well connected by public buses that will bring you to the other parts of Mauritius. If you want to immerse in the local culture in Mauritius then this is the place to be in. There are many beautiful beaches to visit and some cultural monuments. If you want to stay away from the crowds and the tourists and enjoy a laid-back lifestyle then this is a perfect location. There are many rental properties available on the market especially at Blue Bay, a famous village in Mahebourg.

Shopping Centers- Bo’Valon Mall, and Mahebourg Market
Banks- MCB Mahebourg
Health Center- Mahebourg Hospital
Schools- There are no international schools in Mahebourg
Blue Bay, Mauritius
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