We find the match, you write the story
We find the match, you write the story

Curated Pool

Carefully interviewed, verified and selected pool of singles who are equally serious about finding a lifetime partner in Mauritius.


No more curious looks from colleagues or neighbours. Your name and pictures are never shared publicly with others before a date.

Sans pressure

No pressure from parents and friends to deal with. Meet your match in a natural setting, exchange numbers if you like or date for months or move on to the next.

Better equipped

Get personalized insights based on relationship sciences, prep session with certified relationship counselor if you want, date logistics organised, and post date feedback sessions. We have you covered. 

Our matchmaking service is exclusively tailored for accomplished, time-strapped professionals whose busy careers have yet to lead them to true love and designed to help them find their perfect match in Mauritius.

Betterhalf - matchmaking in mauritius

Finding a perfect partner in Mauritius is difficult. 

We understand the frustration of the dating process first hand. The trashiness of dating apps, the fake profiles, the lies, the shallow conversations, being seen by unwanted people, unwanted sexual messages, dates which just don’t click, spooky people and the feeling of being unsafe.

 We are here to help.

Betterhalf - matchmaking in mauritius

It’s not going to be easy. 

Not for you, not for us. 

We’re asking you to roll up your sleeves and put in some effort, but just once. Brace yourself for a brutally honest 30-45 minute chat with us about your dream match. And be ready to answer a questionaire and personality test which will help you embrace your new relationship in a healthy way. 

Betterhalf - matchmaking in mauritius
Betterhalf - matchmaking in mauritius

The buck stops there for you. 

That’s the heavy lifting for you. From there on, we take charge and find profiles we think are worthy of you. We promise to find you solid dates. Dates which have a future. For our efforts, we charge you a one time membership fee of 5000 Rs, when we have found you your first match.

love coach charlotte mauritius betterhalf

Get additional support. 

But that’s not all. If you’re interested, you can team up with our accomplished love coach, Charlotte Chevassu, and undergo a transformation in your approach to love. Charlotte’s guidance is here to offer that additional layer of support, all as part of our mission to assist you in your quest for love. We’re here to ease the journey for you.

love coach charlotte mauritius betterhalf

Our process

1. Submission

Sign up via the form below. We'll get back to you within one working day with the next steps. We will ask you to take a questionnaire or schedule a call with us to understand you better. We will also ask you to complete some insightful personality tests.

2. One-on-one video call with us

We believe in getting to know you personally through a one-on-one video call. To ensure your matchmaking journey is tailored to your desires and preferences, we'll assess your criteria, deal-breakers, and future outlook before introducing potential matches. Your eligibility and search criteria will guide us in determining your membership.

3. You have a match!

Once we have a match for you that you're excited about, you will need to pay 5000 Rs for the 1 year membership for us to start arranging for the initial date. Trust us to coordinate logistics seamlessly, and have a carefully selected match sitting across from you. And we provide you with enough information about your match to facilitate engaging conversations and a deeper connection.

4. Feedback

The next steps are entirely up to you – whether you decide to meet again, exchange numbers, get engaged in a few weeks, or choose to move on to your next match. We will have a feedback round with you to update the strategy.

Sign Up Now!

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About us

We are Sagarika, Céline and Pratik, the team behind the lifestyle and meetups platform Frolic.mu

Through our meetups, we met many singles sharing how difficult it is to find love on the island.  Having gone through this journey ourselves, we were passionate to help them find their matches. This is how the idea of the matchmaking service BetterHalf came to life end of 2023. It was an immediate success! Our base of clients has been growing since then, and we find ourselves very lucky to be able to make such an impact in people’s lifes. 

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For our efforts, we charge you a one time fee of 5000 Rswhen we have found you your first match.

A: While you may take 5 dates as a high level benchmark, we don’t commit to introducing our clients to a specific number of matches. Our focus is on quality over quantity. We believe it’s more valuable for you to meet a few exceptional matches than to be inundated with unsuitable ones. The number of dates you go on depends on various factors, including your own eligibility, the flexibility of your search criteria, and the feedback we receive about you. Our goal is to ensure each match has the potential for a meaningful connection.

Presently we only accept payment via Juice/Bank Transfer for both clients within and outside mauritius. 

A: If you genuinely care about someone close to you, please share their details, and we’ll reach out to them promptly. However, the individual will need to complete the questionnaires and interviews independently, without being accompanied by friends or family. We require personal inclination, 100% honesty, and commitment for our matchmaking process to be effective.

A: Confidentiality and discretion are fundamental to our service. We do not share last names, photographs, or specific institutional affiliations (such as academic or employment) before the date. Instead, we provide both sides with each others first name, age, location, and a brief description of why we believe you are a good match.

A: We understand that flying across the world for someone you’ve never met isn’t practical. We suggest international matches when we believe there’s a strong potential for success, and we facilitate virtual introductions. Typically, this may involve someone intending to move to Mauritius or a Mauritian expat living abroad. A series of video calls can help determine if there’s a connection and if it’s worth considering a physical meeting. Please note that we match you with overseas prospects only if you’ve indicated your willingness to do so during your onboarding.

A: Absolutely! We welcome individuals who are divorced or single parents, as long as the separation is legally documented and amicable. If you’re ready to begin the next chapter of your life, we’re here to assist you. We’re upfront about your past with potential matches, so it’s not a topic that needs to be discussed during your date.

A: Yes, we absolutely do. We have no restrictions of any form. However, the number of dates will depend on factors like the feasibility of finding you a compatible partner and the size of the potential partner base.

A: A membership is valid for a period of one year or until you find your BetterHalf; whichever comes first. It cannot be transferred.

A: Given the nature of dating business, it is virtually impossible to guarantee success. As such, we maintain a “no refunds” policy. However, your satisfaction as a client and your recommendation of our service to others is our primary goal, so be rest assured that we will do our best to find you your better half. 

BetterHalf is a service offered by the registered Mauritian entity Frolic Ltd (C23201149), also owner of the lifestyle platform Frolic.mu.