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Dating in Mauritius: Exploring your options to find your better half

dating in mauritius - find your better half

Mauritius, with its stunning beaches and sunsets, is a perfect backdrop for romance. In this article, we will explore the various options available for dating in Mauritius, helping you discover how to find your better half on this beautiful island. We’ll also look at the pros and cons of all those options and share some tips from dating expert Logan Ury, author of the best-seller “How not to die alone”. 


Looking for love on the island? Let’s explore the different options when dating in Mauritius


Option 1: Dating Apps in Mauritius

In today’s digital age, dating apps have become a common way to meet potential partners. Mauritius is no exception, with popular apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and OKCupid in use. Certainly, dating apps have brought about a significant shift in the dating landscape, offering a convenient way to meet potential partners. However, it’s essential to be aware of the downsides of using dating apps. Dating expert Logan Ury shares 5 main issues created by the use of dating apps in her book “How not to die alone”: 

Issue #1: Superficial Traits and Comparisons: Dating apps often prioritize superficial traits like appearance, age, and job, leading us to value these qualities excessively. Research suggests that people tend to optimize their online dating profiles based on measurable metrics, emphasizing superficial qualities over essential personality traits.

Issue #2: Misjudging What We Want: Many of us create extensive checklists of what we want in a partner, even though we may have limited dating experience. We often don’t realize that our ideal partner may be entirely different from our expectations.

Issue #3: “Relationshopping” Over Relationships: Dating apps apps have the tendency to foster a mindset of “relationshopping,” where potential partners are treated as commodities to be compared and purchased, rather than focusing on genuine connections. This approach can lead to disappointment and missed opportunities.

Issue #4: Choice Overload: Dating apps offer an overwhelming number of choices, which can lead to indecision and decreased satisfaction with our selections. Research indicates that too many options can make us less happy with our choices.

Issue #5: Creating Unrealistic Fantasies: When we have limited information about someone, we tend to fill in the gaps with flattering details, creating unrealistic fantasies. These fantasies can lead to disappointment when we meet the person in real life.

Studies also show that a significant portion of online daters, especially women, have experienced unwanted sexually explicit messages or images (source: Pew Research Center) . This highlights a concerning aspect of safety and respect on dating apps.  A substantial number of users also report experiencing emotional fatigue or burnout while actively using dating apps. Some research also indicates that a significant proportion of Tinder users are already in relationships. 

Furthermore, a potential drawback of using dating apps in smaller islands like Mauritius is the increased likelihood of encountering colleagues, friends, or acquaintances on these platforms.

For all those reasons, many users are actually growing tired of the swiping culture on dating apps, seeking more authentic and discreet ways to connect (source: The Guardian).  


Option 2: Attend Events in Mauritius

Attending events in Mauritius is an excellent way to meet new people and potentially find your better half. From cultural festivals to local meetups, the island offers a wide range of opportunities to socialize.

Explore our ‘Weekend Guide‘ to discover the most exciting events for the upcoming weekend, and attend one of our Frolic meetups which offer the perfect opportunity not only to forge new friendships but also to kindle potential romantic connections.

Drawing from the insights of dating expert Logan Ury  in her book “How Not to Die Alone”, here are useful tips to make the most of events: 

Selecting the Right Events: Consider the likelihood of interaction and how much you’ll enjoy the event. Aim for events with a high likelihood of both interaction and enjoyment.

Commitment to Attend: Make a commitment to attend at least two events per month. This proactive approach can significantly increase your chances of meeting potential partners.

Making the Most of Events: When attending events, go alone if possible, as it makes you more approachable. Avoid excessive phone use, and instead, make eye contact, smile, and engage with those around you. Practice meeting new people, even if you’re not immediately attracted to them.

While attending events and meetups in Mauritius can be a fantastic way to expand your social circle and meet potential partners, there are some drawbacks to consider. One challenge is that events often bring together diverse groups of people with varying interests and intentions. It can be challenging to gauge who is genuinely looking for a committed relationship and who is simply seeking casual connections. Additionally, compatibility in terms of values and long-term goals may not always align, as events attract individuals from different walks of life. It’s essential to be patient and open-minded when exploring romantic prospects in these settings, as finding the right match can take time and persistence. 


Option 3: Betterhalf – Your Path to True Love in Mauritius

We are pleased to introduce Betterhalf, an exclusive matchmaking service in Mauritius brought to you by the team behind Frolic. Betterhalf is exclusively tailored for accomplished, time-strapped professionals who are serious about finding a lifetime partner on the island.

As we embark on this exciting journey with the launch of our service, we are thrilled to extend a generous 60% discount to all Frolic readers, available until the end of this year.

How Betterhalf Works:

  • Begin by dedicating some time to complete a comprehensive questionnaire and personality test.
  • Engage in a 45-minute candid conversation with our team about your ideal partner.
  • Let Betterhalf use this information to match you with potential partners who genuinely align with your desires and values.

What Betterhalf Offers:

  • A carefully interviewed, verified, and selected pool of singles who share your commitment to finding love in Mauritius.
  • Discretion. Your name and pictures are never shared publicly with others before a date.
  • Comprehensive support. Betterhalf provides prep sessions with a certified relationship counselor, organizes date logistics, and offers post-date feedback sessions.
While it’s true that matchmaking services typically come with a cost, they offer several distinct advantages that can make them a superior option for those seeking meaningful, long-lasting relationships in Mauritius. Matchmaking services like Betterhalf prioritize quality over quantity, carefully vetting and verifying their pool of singles. This ensures that you’re introduced to individuals who share your commitment to finding love on the island. Moreover, the personalized approach of matchmaking services allows for a deeper understanding of your desires, values, and relationship goals, resulting in more compatible matches. With the added guidance of certified relationship counselors and support throughout the dating process, matchmaking services provide a holistic and effective approach to finding your better half, making the investment well worth it for those who are serious but want to be discreet about their search for love.

Dating in Mauritius offers a range of options, from dating apps to attending events, and now, our exclusive matchmaking service, Betterhalf. While dating apps have their downsides, attending events can provide great opportunities for meaningful connections. Betterhalf, on the other hand, is designed to cater to busy professionals seeking genuine love on this beautiful island. Finding your better half in Mauritius is possible, and these options can help you on your journey to love and companionship. 

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