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Step by Step guide to apply for Premium Visa- Mauritius 2023

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Apply for Premium Visa Mauritius: Your Gateway to Paradise and Luxury

Are you seeking an escape to an idyllic tropical destination where azure waters meet golden sands, and a sense of serenity fills the air? Look no further than Mauritius – a paradise on Earth, known for its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and luxurious offerings. Now, with the introduction of the Mauritius Premium Visa, the island nation beckons visitors from around the globe to indulge in an extended stay amidst its natural wonders and lavish lifestyle. In this article, we will explore the allure of Mauritius and provide you with a step-by-step guide to applying for the Premium Visa.

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Introducing the Mauritius Premium Visa

The Mauritius Premium Visa is a special initiative introduced by the government to attract remote workers, retirees, and investors seeking an extended stay in this enchanting paradise. Unlike traditional tourist visas, which are often limited to short visits, the Premium Visa allows eligible individuals to stay in Mauritius for an extended period, typically up to one year with an option to renew. This provides an opportunity to immerse oneself fully in the island’s offerings, creating memories that last a lifetime. 


Step-by-Step Guide to Apply for the Mauritius Premium Visa


1. Check Eligibility:

Individuals who hold citizenship from the countries listed below are qualified to apply for a Premium Visa. Please be aware that foreign nationals from countries not mentioned in the list can still travel to Mauritius using a Tourist Visa and submit their application for the Premium Visa online while staying in Mauritius.

Citizens from the listed countries can apply for a Premium Visa:

Angola, China, Grenada, Luxembourg, Qatar, Swaziland, Antigua and Barbuda, Congo (Brazzaville), Guyana, Macau SAR, Romania, Sweden, Argentina, Democratic Rep. of Congo, Hong Kong, Malawi, Rwanda, Switzerland, Australia, Croatia, Hungary, Malaysia, Russian Federation (Russia), Tanzania, Austria, Cyprus, Iceland, Maldives, Samoa (Western), Chad, Bahamas, Czech Republic (ex Czechoslovakia), India, Malta, San Marino, Tonga, Bahrain, Denmark, Ireland, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Dominica, Israel, Monaco, Seychelles, Tunisia, Belgium, Egypt, Italy, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Turkey, Belize, Estonia Republic, Jamaica, Namibia, Singapore, Tuvalu, Benin, Fiji, Japan, Nauru, Slovenia, Uganda, Botswana, Finland, Kenya, Netherlands, Slovakia, Ukraine, Brazil, France, Kiribati, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, United Arab Emirates, Brunei Darussalam, Gabon, Korea (South Republic), Norway, South Africa, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Gambia, Kuwait, Oman, Spain, United States of America, Burundi, Georgia, Latvia, Papua New Guinea, St Kitts and Nevis, Vanuatu, Canada, Germany, Lesotho, Paraguay, St Lucia, Vatican, Cape Verde, Ghana, Liechtenstein, Poland, St Vincent & Grenadines, Zambia, Chile, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, Suriname, Zimbabwe.
Premium Visa, Countries Eligable for Premium Visa, Africa, Remote Work
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2. Essential Information for Premium Visa Applicants 

In order to be eligible for the Premium Visa, prospective visitors must provide evidence of their extended stay intentions by booking a flight ticket of at least an year and adequate health insurance coverage for the initial duration of their visit, while adhering to the following conditions:

  • Applicants must not seek employment within the Mauritius Labor market.
  • The primary location of their business, income, and profits should be outside of Mauritius.
  • Applicants should furnish supporting documents to substantiate their purpose of visit, accommodation arrangements, and other relevant details.
  • Fulfilment of any other essential immigration prerequisites.

Simple Process to Obtain Your Premium Visa:

  • Arranging Flight Reservations in Advance
  • Submit Your Application online
  • Receive Your Premium Visa via Email
  • Reserve Accommodation for Your Stay in Mauritius
  • Embark on Your Journey to Mauritius
  • Inform the Passport and Immigration Office (PIO) about any changes in accommodation.
Steps to apply for Premium Visa, Mauritius, Step by Step guide to Mauritius, Luxury Tourism, Remote work In Mauritius
Photo Credit: Economic Development Board (EDB) Mauritius

3. Premium Visa Checklist

To apply for the Premium Visa, you need to complete the online application form, submit a copy of your passport’s bio-data page, a passport-sized photo, and travel and health insurance for the intended stay period. Additionally, you must provide evidence of accommodation for 1 year, proof of sufficient funds (minimum USD 25,000) through bank statements, or a monthly income payslip of a minimum of USD 1,500. Any necessary documents for dependents (e.g., marriage or birth certificates) and other required documents may be specified by the visa office. For renewals, some items may not be applicable. If you have any further questions or inquiries, you can find additional information on the EDB website.

apply for Premium Visa Mauritius Checklist, List of things to prepare to apply for Mauritius premium Visa
Photo Credit: Economic Development Board (EDB) Mauritius

4. The Premium Visa Application Online Process

Here is a step-by-step guide to applying for the Premium Visa online:

1. To begin the application process for your Premium Visa, the first step is to create an account on the Economic and Development Board Mauritius (EDB) website. 
apply for premium visa mauritius - Register at Economic Development Board Mauritius (EDB)
Photo Credit: EDB
2. Once you have successfully registered an account on the EDB website, navigate to the homepage and access the ‘Licensing’ menu, followed by selecting ‘Premium Visa’ to initiate the application process.
Online Application Process for Premium Visa Mauritius
Photo Credit: EDB
Online Premium Visa Application
Photo Credit: EDB
3. Initiate the online application procedure.
Fill the online form, Premium Visa Application
Photo Credit: EDB
Documents Upload, Premium Visa
Photo Credit: EDB

5. Completion of the application procedure

1. After completing the required form and uploading all necessary documents, the “Fill the Form” and “Upload Documents” icons will turn green, indicating that your application is ready for submission. Click on “Place Request” to submit your application.

2. Once your application is submitted, please note that any modifications cannot be made online. However, if you need to provide additional documents or information, you can send them via email to piovisa@govmu.org and hpd@edbmauritius.org. Make sure to include the application reference number in the email subject for easy identification. 

3. Shortly you will receive an acknowledgement receipt from the PIO Mauritius with your application number. 

Apply for Premium Visa Mauritius - Application Process
Photo Credit: EDB
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4 Responses

  1. hello !

    1. i heard minimum income requirement of usd 1500 usd , it says 25000 usd on the post ?
    2. should we book accommodation for full stay prior to application ? or just may be like for a month ?

    1. Hello Shiv,

      Thank you for you message.
      Yes, to qualify for Premium Visa either you need to show sufficient funds of USD25,000 on your bank statement or a monthly income payslip of minimum USD1,000.
      Regarding the accommodation you will have to show a 1 year lease of rental agreement.

  2. Hello, I also have a question about accommodation, for which I’d be grateful of your consideration.

    The table above states “either hotel booking / lease or rental agreement…” – I would like to go over with this visa and to stay in hotels for the convenience and service, but I would have my wife and three children with me, and so perhaps more than most people it would benefit me to keep an eye on accommodation costs whilst moving around due to needing suites or very large family rooms.

    Do you think they would not allow us to move from place to place, for example two weeks in one place, then ten days in the next, then three weeks in the next etc.? Aside from price I would prefer to give us options and variety for where we live, rather than just commit to one part of the island for the whole duration of the visa in advance/without having any experience yet.

    I can show bank and stockbroker account documentation with considerable balances, and it’s not that I would shop around because I would struggle but just because I like to find a good deal.

    1. Thank you for your comment on our website. While we aren’t professional visa service providers, we’re happy to share our personal experience. When applying for our Premium visa, we faced a similar challenge in finding long-term rental accommodation, so we initially showed 2 weeks of hotel stay. However, we communicated this situation to the PIO and expressed our intent to secure a long-term rental. In response to your query, we believe staying in multiple locations upon arrival in Mauritius shouldn’t pose an issue. It’s crucial to inform the PIO about your plans to avoid any complications upon your arrival.

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