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Top fun and free activities in Mauritius (UPDATED)

free and fun things to do in mauritius

Mauritius, and especially the West coast, can have a reputation of being an expensive place. But there are many fun activities in Mauritius outside of the luxury resorts and the nice restaurants which are very cheap, or even free. 

Of course, the pristine nature on the island is so spectacular that a lot of free and fun activities can be found in just enjoying the rich and diverse flora and fauna and the stunning sunsets with friends and family. There are also some cool meetups happening regularly that you can join for free (including our Frolic Meetups).

Enjoy those fun and free activities in Mauritius

1. Hangout at a public beach and watch the sunset

Public beaches in Mauritius are a lot of fun during the day, and even more during sunset hours.  Locals and tourists love to meet at the beach with family and friends just to enjoy the view, have a refreshing swim, organise picnics, play beach tennis or have a sundowner meet-up. The so-called sundowner is a big part of Mauritius culture. As the sun sets, everyone heads to the beach for some drinks and snacks.  It’s definitely a fun place to be!

There are a lot of beautiful public beaches in Mauritius. Here are those on West Coast where you get some of the most beautiful sunsets:

  • Tamarin : It’s fun to watch surfers trying to catch a wave there. The black sand beach also has stunning view of the surrounding mountains  Le Morne and La Tourelle. There are some BBQ pits where you can enjoy your Braai with friends and family but on weekends you must arrive early.
  • La Preneuse : A small secluded beach, perfect for those seeking more tranquility but becomes happening at sunset times especially on weekends. 
  • Le Morne : The beautiful white sand beach is highly praised as maybe one of the best kitesurfing places in the world ! It’s also a fun and happening place to be on weekends. 
  • Flic en Flac : The longest beach of the island and one of the most happening beach surrounded by plenty of restaurants and cafes. Great place to unwind and relax.
Frolic Sundowner Meetup

2. Swim and snorkel in the lagoons of Mauritius

Snorkeling requires a small initial investment if you want the best snorkelling experience but it’s worth it. You can get your snorkelling gears from Decathlon in Moka from Rs 500 onwards. 

Mauritius is surrounded by a blue lagoon which is itself protected by a barrier of coral reefs, so you can snorkel almost anywhere along the coast of the island, but the quality of the seabed and corals varies greatly. Flic en Flac and Tamarind Bay are among the best spots for snorkelling in Mauritius. The water is shallow and calm with an abundance of marine biodiversity. Tamarin is also famous for its large population of dolphins and sperm whales.

The best time for snorkelling in Mauritius is in the summer months from October to December, as warm water attracts fishes in a large numbers.

We’ve listed the best swimming beaches in Mauritius in this article

Image by thebrokentreestump from Pixabay

3. Nature Walks and Hikes in Mauritius

Strap on your trekking shoes and go on a walking or hiking adventure with family and friends. The West of Mauritius has loads to offer to the intrepid hiker:

  • Le Morne : The most popular hike route among tourists. Going to the top can be challenging but it’s definitely worth it for the magnificent view. Beginners can still enjoy beautiful views without reaching the top.
  • La Tourelle : Even though it’s difficult to find the start of the hike, and considered as difficult as Le Morne, it is said to be the most rewarding with its large plateau on the top of the mountain offering a 360° view from peak.
  • Black River Gorges National Park is the largest protected forest of Mauritius and offers over 50 km of magnificent and yet challenging hiking trails, with beautiful Flora and Fauna, spectacular waterfalls and panoramic views of the west coast. 


During the summer months, particularly from December through February, we suggest visiting one of Mauritius’ breathtaking waterfalls to cool off and refresh yourself, and take stunning pictures! 

You can also join one of the guided hikes regularly organised by professionals around the island to discover more off the beaten hiking tracks. Check also our article on the best hiking trails in Mauritius, and if you want to go on a guided trek, check the Hiking and Exploring Mauritius Facebook group where public guided hikes are posted regularly (around 300 Rs/person). Frolic also organizes a Meet & Trek event every month to explore the island, so subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook to get updated! 

Useful links: 
Our Guide to the Best Walking and Hiking Places in Mauritius 
Our Guide to the Best Waterfalls in Mauritius
Frolic Meetups page, where you’ll find our next Meet & Trek. 
Hiking and Exploring Mauritius Facebook Group (unrelated to Frolic)

4. Go on a road trip around the island

If you have a car, you can enjoy spectacular views by going for a road trip. Road trips along the Southwest coast are exceptionnal, with stops at some of the beautiful beaches along the way, the famous Maconde Viewpoint and the dramatic landscapes of Gris Gris and La Roche Qui Pleure. For a road trip in the mountain, just going to Chamarel and the lake of Grand Bassin (Ganga Talao) passing by the tea plantations of Bois Cheri, the Alexandra Falls, and the rum factory is gorgeous! 

road trip mauritius chamarel
View from Chamarel

5. Join a board game night in Flic en Flac or Bagatelle

They are becoming increasingly popular : board games nights are organized almost twice a month by Board Gamers Mauritius and let you play your favorite games or discover new ones and make new friends. Check out the Board Gamers Mauritius Facebook page to be updated on the next game night. It’s free to join but it is hosted in a bar and you’re expected to consume. Facilitators are there to explain you the rules.

board game nights mauritius
Board Gamers Mauritius

6. Visit one of the free museums of Mauritius

Exploring the museums in Mauritius offers a fascinating journey through the island’s rich history and diverse culture, making it a compelling and enriching activity. While some topics, like the recently inaugurated museum on slavery or the Aapravasi Ghat museum  can be serious, they provide essential insights into Mauritius’ complex heritage. Many of these museums offer free admission, making them accessible to all visitors!

Check our guide to the top art galleries and museums in Mauritius. 

7. Find the most Instagram worthy street art in Mauritius

Street art is flourishing in Mauritius, and you’ll be able to admire this open air and free art exhibition in various locations.  Admire the work of local and international artists who have left their mark, infusing the island’s neighborhoods with color, culture, and a sense of belonging. 

Check our article on where to find the best street art in Mauritius!

street art in mauritius

8. Join Frolic monthly meetup events !

We organize monthly meetups in different places on the island (mostly in the West), just to have some drinks with new people, and mingle with expats and locals. Follow our Facebook Page and our Social Meetups page to join our next meetup. 

sundowner frolic event
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