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Where to find the most instagram-worthy street art in Mauritius

street art in mauritius

In this article, we delve into the street art in Mauritius, celebrating the creativity that flourishes on the streets of the island. This is an insider’s guide to the various locations where local and international artists have left their mark, infusing the island’s neighborhoods with color, culture, and a sense of belonging. 

Where to find the best street art in Mauritius

Port Louis around Rue Bourbon, the Central Market and Caudan Arts Center

Port Louis has come alive with a kaleidoscope of urban art during the Porlwi by Light Festivals. With a few editions since 2015, this celebration of history, heritage, and culture has invited international artists to paint captivating murals, transforming the cityscape. As you explore the locations at the heart of the festival, around Rue Bourbon, you’ll encounter a vibrant and diverse collection of street art. From Méo’s majestic bulbul that reigns over the neighborhood to Seth’s imaginative child’s silhouette escaping through a window, and the whimsical characters of Bault, Port Louis boasts an urban art scene that’s both colorful and cosmopolitan. These murals and many others tucked away in the city’s nooks and crannies have truly turned Bourbon Street into a canvas for artistic expression, making Port Louis a must-visit destination for street art enthusiasts in Mauritius. 

Locations: Rue Bourbon, Rue Rémy Ollier, open-air car park further down Rue Bourbon toward the harbor, Caudan Arts Centre, around the Central Market…

street art in mauritius porlwi
Photo credit: @porlwi on Instagram
street art in mauritius portlwi
Photo credit: @porlwi on Instagram
street art in mauritius
Credit photo: @Sofap.mu Instagram
street art in mauritius Porlwi
Photo credit: @porlwi on Instagram

Chinatown in Port Louis

For an immersive experience with street art, Chinatown in Port Louis is a must-visit destination. Along Venpin Street, you’ll encounter the largest concentration of street art in one place on the island. Here, the shutters of local stores, walls, and even the road itself serve as canvases for artistic expression. This vibrant neighborhood has a rich history dating back to the late 18th century when Chinese immigrants from Guangzhou settled in Mauritius. Today, it’s home to numerous Chinese restaurants, herbal medicine shops, and stores offering products from China. What makes Venpin Street truly unique is its transformation into what some affectionately call ‘Manga Street.’ Here, you’ll find murals depicting beloved anime characters from cartoons, comics, and Asian popular culture. The street is now one of the most lively, vibrant, and colorful streets on the island, and many of these captivating artworks were created to commemorate the 50th bilateral anniversary between Mauritius and China, with generous support from the New China Town Foundation.

Locations: around Venpin Street (Chinatown, Port Louis)

Tamarin Beach

The Kouler Moris urban art project in Tamarin concluded at the end of July 2023 with resounding success, transforming Beach Avenue into an open-air museum bursting with vibrant murals celebrating the region’s unique identity. Kouler Moris is Creole for “The Colours of Mauritius”. This community-driven initiative was built upon three core pillars: environmental protection and sustainable development, peace and community building, and the transmission of values of solidarity and friendship. It not only beautified the streets but also fostered unity within the Tamarin community. The project involved collaboration with four local artists, Mélanie Pérès, Julien Quirin, Rafiki, and David Rogers alias Dévid, who brought their distinctive talents to create digital murals, animations, and soundtracks, making this a one-of-a-kind artistic endeavor. 

Location: Beach Avenue, Tamarin

street art mauritius tamarin kouler moris
street art in mauritius
street art in mauritius

Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village

Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village, nestled along the idyllic West Coast of Mauritius, has become a vibrant canvas for street art enthusiasts. This innovative community offers residents and visitors a unique blend of modern living and artistic expression. In early 2022, under the theme #FeelCapTamarin, a call for street art projects was answered by 25 talented artists. These captivating murals, portraying scenes of salt workers, surfers, and picturesque landscapes, not only enrich the visual landscape but also contribute to the quality of life in the village. Beyond aesthetics, these artworks convey important messages on education, environmental conservation, and the fragility of our island ecosystem. 

Location: Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village is centered around the shopping center La Place Cap Tamarin, the hypermarket Super U, the Riverland Sports & Fitness Club, and the Paul et Virginie primary school

Road Royale in Tamarin

Road Royale in Tamarin has recently blossomed into an enchanting canvas for street art aficionados, thanks to a collaborative effort between the CALM and PAINT associations aimed at promoting this expressive form of art in Mauritius. Nestled close to the Pointe-Tamarin art school, this exciting and recent artistic initiative features murals that vividly showcase the talents of various artists, including Michael Bell from South Africa, Jean-Yves l’Onflé, Christopher Collin, Koheeallee Ameera, Mayuree Toofany, and Giovanni Laurent. Michael Bell joined forces with the CALM collective, with the generous support of sponsors ARTBRIDGE and Hamiltons Brushware from the United States and South Africa. Enchanted by the beauty of Mauritius since his first visit in 2019, Bell embarked on a mission to adorn the walls of this paradise with vibrant colors. The murals are not only a celebration of South African Heritage Day but also a harmonious mosaic that weaves together the cultural threads of South Africa, Mauritius, and the United States. As you explore Road Royale, you’ll be treated to a visual symphony that captures the spirit, culture, and heritage of Mauritius with undeniable enthusiasm.

Location: Road Royale, Tamarin

Credit photo: Le Mauricien
Credit photo: Le Mauricien

Cité Mangalkhan, Floréal

In 2017, Cité Mangalkhan, a neighbourhood in Floréal, underwent a remarkable metamorphosis, thanks to the Color for Change initiative by the manufacturer of Permoglaze paint Sofap. In this collaborative endeavor, social workers, NGOs, and local residents united to rejuvenate the neighborhood. The streets were revitalized, litter was cleared, and used syringes meticulously collected, all while drawing the enthusiastic participation of celebrities and artists. Each day, one wall at a time, a vibrant communication campaign unfolded, authentically capturing the essence of Mangalkhan and its resilient inhabitants. Over 1500 meters of walls, a historic building, and three associations were beautifully adorned, utilizing more than 2000 liters of paint and 500 brushes.  

Location: Cité Mangalkhan, Floréal.

street art in mauritius
Credit photo: Sam Drouin. Published on @Sofap.mu Instagram
Credit photo: Sam Drouin. Published on @Sofap.mu Instagram

Roche Bobois

In 2018, Sofap, the manufacturer of Permoglaze paint, continued its inspiring Colour for Change initiative in Roche-Bois. This project aimed to revitalize Roche-Bois over two months. It involved local residents and various stakeholders, fostering community synergy. The initiative seeked to improve the neighborhood’s quality of life and promote solidarity among residents amidst rapid development and its environmental and social impacts. Sofap collaborated with organizations like the Movement for Progress in Roche-Bois (MPRB) and others, encouraging NGOs to unite for a common cause. Children from the MPRB center also participate, contributing to their community’s transformation. The initiative, led by experienced social worker Dany Philippe, aspired to be a catalyst for positive change in Roche-Bois, enhancing unity and fostering a mindset of collective improvement. 


Location: Roche Bobois

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