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Get some work done : Our top pick of coffee shops to work from in Tamarin / Black River (UPDATED)

cafe wifi free work tamarin black river
For digital nomads, residents and travelers working remotely, these work-friendly coffee shops in Tamarin with free WiFi will come in handy.

Sure, it can be difficult to open your laptop in such a paradisiac island but sometimes we’ve got to work. It can help to find that perfect, peaceful spot to sit and sip on coffee or tea and get some work done. If that’s what you’re searching for, look no further. These are our picks for work-friendly coffee shops in Tamarin that offer free WiFi. Go ahead and take a seat!

Best  coffee shops in Tamarin / Black River to work from


1. Kuumba coffee

Located on the main road, yet away from the noise, this cafe is a cosy hideout to get work done with free WiFi. It’s also famous to have the best coffee in the West, and their pastries are delicious! Their focus is on specialty coffee with the highest standard. Their team is also incredibly friendly. Pop by for a meeting or find one of the tables by the swimming pool to get some work done.  They have very little space inside, but lots of outdoor sitting area in the shade. For a change, you can also visit their locations at Trianon and Floréal. 

Kuumba coffee, La Petite Palmeraie, m937+9M, Black River, Mauritius.

2. Vanilla Café

Located in Vanilla Village, this beautiful café surrounded by nature gives you an authentic shabby chic experience with refinements and simplicity and offers free WiFi to get some work done. They also serve breakfast and lunch with delicious meals and a large range of mouth watering vegetarian and vegan options.  Note that they close at 3:30pm.

Vanilla Café, Vanilla Village, Coastal Road, Black River, Mauritius. 


3. Frenchie Café

This place turns into a night club on weekends, but during the day, it’s a pretty quiet place to work. It’s outdoor only so it might get a bit hot in summer. They have a nice breakfast deal with coffee and all the French favorites such as crepes and viennoiseries. Ask the staff for the WiFi.  

Frenchie Café, Riverview Centre Grande Rivière Noire, Mauritius. 

Frenchie cafe
Frenchie café

4. Artisan Coffee 

If you are missing the busy environment of an office or you want the Starbucks experience, you would like to work from Artisan Coffee.  You’ve got now two locations in Tamarin/Black River : one inside the Coeur Cap Tamarin mall, and another one which recently opened with more space next to London Way. It’s has a nice vibe quite similar to Starbucks, with indoor and outdoor and not too crowded usually. They have branches all around the island, mostly in malls. Try their yummy eggtarts and belgian waffles.

Artisan Coffee, two locations :
– Coeur Cap Tamarin, Tamarin, Mauritius.
– London Tamarin, Black River, Mauritius (next to London Way)


During the day, NOMAD is the epitome of a laid back atmosphere brunch place in Black River, Mauritius. Surrounded by lush greenery, it’s a haven for those searching for a beautiful spot with WIFI, freshly brewed coffee and great food with fancy and healthy options too.  Try their own NOMAD Signature Blend coffee, a delicious medium to dark roast with notes of chocolate, caramel & tropical fruit. With a kids playground next to it, NOMAD offers a wide range of coffee choices, as well as delectable desserts and snacks,. At night, this verstaile place can turns into a very lively place with regular events and live concerts. 

NOMAD, Black River. 

NOMAD coffee shops in mauritius
Photo credit: NOMAD
nomad coffee shops in tamarin
Photo credit: NOMAD

6. Aurore’s Sugar N Spice

Sugar N Spice, nestled in La Preneuse in front of Food Lovers, is a delightful haven for digital nomads in search of a cozy coffee shop. Owned by Aurore, this charming cafe specializes in crafting exquisite cakes, including the delightful Financier, indulgent White Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart, and rich Brownie Baked Cheesecake. Beyond the delectable treats, Sugar N Spice also doubles as a platform for showcasing local artists, adding a creative touch to your workday. If you’re a digital nomad in Mauritius, this cafe offers a sweet spot to sip on quality coffee, work, and appreciate the local art scene simultaneously.

Aurore’s Sugar N Spice, in front of Food Lovers, La Preneuse. 

Aurore's sugar N spice coffee shop in tamarin
Photo credit: Aurore's Sugar N Spice
Photo credit: Aurore's Sugar N Spice

7. MI Cafe

This small and cozy spot opened its doors this year. MI Cafe serves up the renowned Illy coffee, ensuring that every cup is a satisfying experience. The cafe also offers a full menu on weekdays, from breakfast to lunch and even dinner. What sets MI Cafe apart is its unique blend of Indian and Western fusion cuisine, allowing you to savor a diverse array of flavors while you work. 

MI Cafe, next to Food Lovers in Tamarin. 

mi cafe, coffee shops in tamarin
Photo credit: MI Cafe
Photo credit: MI Cafe

8. Bali Lane Cafe Restaurant

Bali Lane Cafe Restaurant, nestled at the first floor of Coeur Cap Tamarin mall, offers a charming and uniquely Instagrammable experience for digital nomads with a penchant for aesthetics. Catering to a more feminine sensibility, this cafe boasts an array of Asian fusion dishes and a tantalizing selection of teas, coffees, and even intriguing options like kombucha. Situated inside the mall, it manages to carve out its own remote oasis, allowing you to work undisturbed while enjoying a visually appealing environment. 

Bali Lane Cafe Restaurant, in Coeur Cap Tamarin, next to Super U. 

bali lane cafe coffee shops in tamarin black river
bali lane cafe coffee shops in tamarin black river

9. Pains et Moulins

Pains et Moulins, the newly opened bakery at La Place Cap Tamarin, will become your favourite spot to work from if you are into French pastries.  As part of a chain with other outlets around the island, they offer a delightful array of gourmet and balanced recipes for you to enjoy inside or on the terrace. Don’t miss their hot chocolate or tea. 

Pains et Moulins, La Place Cap Tamarin. 

Pains et Moulins coffee shops in tamarin black river
Photo credit: Pains et Moulins
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