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Best vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Tamarin / Black River (Updated 2024)


Eating less meat is not only good for health but also for the environment. The production of meat is responsible for twice the pollution of production of plant-based foods.  And the good news is that it is not as boring as you might think to switch to a meatless diet ! Adopting a more sustainable lifestyle is becoming easier and easier, especially in Tamarin thanks to those awesome restaurants with great vegetarian options. 

Top vegetarian restaurants in Mauritius (Tamarin/ Black River)

1. Sitar Indian Restaurant ($$$)

Indian restaurants always have a large choice of delicious vegetarian options, and Sitar is particularly well loaded with 5 vegetarian starters and 16 vegetarian main dishes.  Located inside the mall Cap Tamarin, the restaurant offers fine Traditional North Indian Cuisine in an elegant decor.  Sitar is very famous among locals and expats and has other branches around the island as well. 

Sitar Indian Restaurant, Coeur Cap Tamarin Mall, Reservations: 651 7788. Menu

2. Ousaporn Thai ($$$)

This authentic Thai restaurant won’t disappoint the vegetarians with 3 starters, 13 main dishes and 3 side dishes which can be made vegetarian. It’s actually amazing because thai food is usually not veg-friendly. Ousaporn Thai has all your Thai favorites, from curries to Pad Thai, and fried rices. Not only the food is delicious, but the ambiance is very nice too, as the restaurant is surrounded with greenery. This hidden gem can be found behind Food Lovers. 

Ousaporn Thai, Coastal road behind Food Lovers, Tamarin, Reservations: +230 483 7061. Menu

3. Il Padrino, Casa Nostra, Casa Pizza, Pastamarin &  Casa Di Roma ($$)

Pizzas, pastas and salads are always great options for vegetarians, and you’ll find many options in those pizzerias.  When it comes to pastas, Pastamarin is definitely the best option as you can choose among 8 types of vegetarian raviolis or 6 types of pasta, and pair it with 8 different types of vegetarian sauces.  A special mention to Casa Pizza which also offers a vegan poke bowl ! Check out our article on the best pizzerias in the West

Casa Nostra, Corner Anthurium Lane, Royal Road. Reservations: +230 483 6169. Menu.
Casa Pizza, Complexe Cap Dal, Tamarin. Reservations: +230 483 8124. Menu.
Pastamarin, Avenue des Jacarandas. Reservations: +230 5721 7900. Menu.

Casa Di Roma, 169 Coastal Road, La Mivoie. Reservations: +230 484 0110. Menu
Il Padrino,
34, L’estuaire, la Balise marina, Black River, Mauritius. Reservations: +230 5908 9505.



pastamarin tamarin
Vegan Poke Bowl from Casa Pizza
Vegan Poke Bowl from Casa Pizza

4. Happy Rajah ($$)

Another indian restaurant chain with a large variety of vegetarian dishes, a bit less expensive than Sitar. The restaurant is mixing North & South Indian dishes with regional specialities from Goa and Chennai. We’ve counted 5 starters and 12 main dishes which are vegetarian. 

Happy Rajah, on the main road at La Mivoie, Tamarin. Reservations:  +230 484-4950. Menu.

5. Vanilla Village Café ($$$)

With its Vanilla Vegan Restaurant, you can’t go wrong at Vanilla Village Café as a vegetarian.  This familial concept is surrounded by nature and is definitely one of the most lovely places to spend some time with your family or your friends around brunch or lunch. Almost half the menu is vegetarian ! We’ve counted 7 vegetarian options including 3 vegan options for breakfast itself. You also have 2 vegetarian burgers and 5 vegan main dishes for lunch, and all of them are very interesting options such as a vegan burrito, a vegan bowl, a butternut salad, a vegetable lasagna or a burger with Beyond patty and vegan cheddar sheese. 

Vanilla Village Café, Coastal Road, Black River, Reservations: +230 483 6778. 

6. NOMAD ($$$)

Another hidden gem is NOMAD which has a few interesting vegetarian options. Its veggie burger really look awesome, and it offers a nice Roast Butternut & Lentil Salad and a Vegetarian Moussaka. The restaurant also offers one of the nicest atmospheres in town. 

NOMAD, Morcellement Ramdenee, Black River, Reservations: +230 5858 4990. Menu

7. Coeur Cap Tamarin: Olive Tree ($) 

Olive Tree at Coeur Cap Tamarin food court is a Greek haven for vegetarians. This chain, with presence across the island, is specializing in traditional Greek cuisine, and offers vegetarian freshly made dishes like hummus, gyros with feta, falafel wraps, mezzes, and salads.  

Next door, there is another stall that recently opened and seems to be connected to Olive Tree, which offers Japanese cuisine : Ramen, Katsu Curry, Buns and more… and the best part is that all these dishes have a vegetarian option! We tested the Veg Katsu Curry (which is quite rare) and it was delicious and authentic!

Olive Tree, Coeur Cap Tamarin (Super U). Phone number: +230 5911 8727. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/olivetreemauritius 

olive tree vegetarian restaurants tamarin
olive tree vegetarian restaurants tamarin

8. MiCafe ($$)

MiCafe, a newcomer to the Tamarin culinary scene, has quickly become a favorite spot for vegetarians since its opening last year. Offering a unique blend of Indian cuisine with a Mauritian and Western twist, MiCafe stands out with its diverse menu. Vegetarian patrons are delighted by the array of options, including South Indian breakfast specialties like dosa, rarely found elsewhere in Tamarin or Black River. The fusion of flavors caters to a wide range of tastes, making MiCafe a go-to destination for those seeking innovative and delicious vegetarian dishes in the area.

Palm Square. Phone number: +230 5259 4582. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/micafetamarin

micafe bset vegetarian restaurants
mi cafe vegetarian restaurants tamarin
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