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8 new restaurants in Mauritius you must try in 2024 !


Embark on a gastronomic journey through the vibrant culinary landscape of Mauritius in 2024 as we unveil a delectable list of new restaurants that promise to tantalize your taste buds and elevate your dining experiences. From innovative concepts inspired by international cuisines to local gems showcasing the rich tapestry of Mauritian flavors, these establishments have emerged as the latest culinary hotspots on the island. With options catering to every budget, join us in exploring these exciting additions to the gastronomic scene, each with its unique charm and culinary prowess, making them must-try destinations for discerning food enthusiasts in the coming year.

Photo credit: JW Marriott Mauritius

New restaurants in Mauritius to try in 2024

Ninety Nine Bistro (Center)

99 Bistro, an Indian Fusion Restaurant nestled in the heart of Mauritius, offers a culinary experience that blends traditional Indian flavors with modern influences. Launched by the same owners as the beloved Namo India, you can be guaranteed maximum quality and an authentic Indian taste. Specializing in Indian fusion cuisine, 99 Bistro boasts a diverse menu that includes Indo-Chinese delights, including delectable soups and momos, but also innovative creations like Paneer Tikka Wrap and Healthy Salad, Special Burgers, Pastas, Pizza or Spring Rolls, all with Indian cuisine influence. Don’t miss their authentic Thalis where every bite sings a delicious story of tradition and taste. The best part: it’s 100% vegetarian but you won’t even notice! 

Visit 99 Bistro at 33 Avenue Hillcrest, Sodnac. 

new restaurants in mauritius - 99 bistro
Photo credit: 99 Bistro
new restaurants in mauritius - 99 bistro
Photo credit: 99 Bistro

La Jefa Loca (North)

Embark on a culinary journey with the new sensation in Grand Baie, La Jefa Loca, making its mark as one of the must-try restaurants in 2024 in Mauritius. Nestled along Route Royale, this vibrant eatery, owned and operated by the dynamic couple Steed and Laura, has quickly become the “talk of the town.” La Jefa Loca specializes in the art of Birria Tacos, delivering a Mexican fiesta for your taste buds. The secret recipe features braised beef, cheese, and a medley of flavorful condiments, creating an explosion of juicy and tender meat wrapped in crispy tacos. It’s a party in your mouth! La Jefa Loca captures the essence of Mexican street food with authenticity and flair. Don’t miss out on this caliente experience.

Visit La Jefa Loca, Route Royalae in Grand Baie. 

new restaurants in mauritius in 2024
Photo credit: La Jefa Loca
new restaurants in mauritius to try in 2024
Photo credit: La Jefa Loca

The Yellow Chilli (Center)

Conceived by the legendary indian “Master Chef ” Sanjeev Kapoor, The Yellow Chilli is one of the new restaurants at the Tribeca Mall food court. The franchise has already 11 internationally and 18 across India.  Chef Kapoor’s authenticity, stemming from his iconic television shows like Khana Khazana, resonates with Mauritians who grew up watching and attempting his recipes. From the aromatic ‘Smoked Pepper Butter Chicken’ to the flavorful Dum Ghost Biryani and the tantalizing Broccoli Malai Fondue, each dish is a fragrant journey through India’s diverse and authentic tastes and a delightful blend of tradition and innovation in Indian cuisine.

Visit The Yellow Chilli,  in Tribecca Mall. 

The Yellow Chilli
Photo credit: L'Express Mauritius
restaurants in Mauritius to try in 2024
Photo credit: The Yellow Chilli

Beyond Burgers (Center)

Beyond Burgers is a new fast-food establishment that has been shaking up the dining scene in Curepipe since its launch last August. The brainchild of two young chefs, Umair Mungloo, 25, and Terence Albert, 31, Beyond Burgers was born out of their shared passion for culinary innovation. The concept goes beyond traditional burgers, aiming to cater to both the young and the young at heart. Inspired by a desire for uniqueness and guided by their fascination with space and extraterrestrial themes, Umair and Terence have curated a menu that surpasses expectations in both visual appeal and taste. The space-themed burgers, shaped like flying saucers, offer a mess-free experience with a tantalizing blend of warmth inside and out. Beyond Burgers boasts a diverse menu with options like “boom” varieties, six types of burgers, shuttle-shaped quesadillas inspired by Stargate, subs, and reimagined hot dogs. From chicken wings with three distinct sauces to falafel and vegetarian options, the menu caters to a variety of tastes. Indulge in Mauritian-style ice cream and homemade donuts for dessert. Affordable prices make this celestial culinary experience accessible to all, ensuring that Beyond Burgers is a must-try in 2024 for those seeking a unique and out-of-this-world dining experience in Mauritius. 

Visit Beyond Burgers, 55 A 10 in Curepipe. 

beyond burgers new restaurants to try in 2024
Photo credit: Beyond Burgers
new restaurants to try in 2024 beyond burgers
Photo credit: Beyond Burgers

The Boathouse Aegean Beach Grill & Lounge (South-West)

Launched in December, The Boathouse Aegean Beach Grill & Lounge is one of the new dining concepts of JW Marriott Mauritius. Led by Executive Chef Zulfikar Cambaz, the restaurant offers a seaside gastronomic experience with a menu influenced by Turkish and Greek cuisines. Highlighting the natural richness of the coastal surroundings, dishes feature locally sourced ingredients, emphasizing Chef Cambaz’s expertise in seafood. The dinner menu, emphasizing ingredient provenance, includes exquisite offerings such as marinated sea bass with fresh herbs, tiger prawns Bodrum style, and whole red drumfish in salt crust. The restaurant provides a stunning sea view and an outdoor terrace inspired by the Turkish Riviera.

Visit The Boathouse Aegean Beach Grill & Lounge, JW Marriott Mauritius, Le Morne Brabant. 

new restaurants to try in 2024
Photo credit: JW Marriott Resort
new restsauranst to try in 2024
JW MARRIOTT MAURITIUS ©Christopher Laurenz

INDYA (South-West)

Another new restaurant of JW Marriott, INDYA, formerly Simply India, modernizes traditional Indian cuisine under the guidance of Executive Chef Malik Basha. With an international culinary background and a recent Michelin Bib Gourmand award, Chef Basha brings a contemporary approach to crafting exceptional Indian dishes. Notable creations include Paneer Tikka with coriander pesto and Thai crispy noodles, duck chaap tandoori with korma curry and peri-peri sweet potato, and beef short ribs with confit chili, crispy garlic, and ginger—rooted in the Champaran region of India. The restaurant’s vibrant decor complements its modern Indian aesthetic.

Visit INDYA, JW Marriott Mauritius, Le Morne Brabant. 

Indya, new restaurants to try in 2024
Photo credit: JW Marriott Mauritius
Photo credit: JW Marriott Mauritius

Bisou: new Crudo menu (North)

Interested to discover the delights of raw cuisine? LUX* Grand Baie collaborated with Michelin-starred chef Justin Schmitt to present the unique culinary experience of Crudo at Bisou Rooftop. This innovative menu, meaning “raw” in Italian and Spanish, showcases a carefully crafted selection available for diners only seeking novel gastronomic adventures while emphasizing local ingredients and the freshness of marine products. Crudo encompasses dishes made with raw and seasoned ingredients, including seafood, fish, meat, and occasionally vegetables. Chef Justin Schmitt’s passion for exploration and sustainability inspires this menu, focusing on responsibly sourced seafood from the bountiful Mauritian lagoon. The Crudo menu, ideal for people with specific dietary preferences such as raw or pescetarian diets, offers a refreshing and perfect summer dining experience. Each meticulously crafted dish, such as the kiwi, cucumber, and pear oyster variation, local captain fish ceviche with mango coconut milk and combawa leaf, or raspberry and sesame yuzu tuna tartare, promises an elegant, delicious, and truly unique gastronomic experience at LUX* Grand Baie. The menu also includes options like shredded crab with avocado apple and lemongrass guacamole, shrimp with tarragon mayonnaise, and roasted octopus with satay, whiskey-infused corn cream, and caramelized popcorn. For those following a vegan lifestyle, the menu features a wakame salad with fennel and grapefruit drizzled with sesame oil.

Visit Bisou (rooftop) for dinner at LUX* Grand Baie. 

new restaurant 2024 crudo bisou
Photo credit: LUX* Grand Baie
Photo credit: LUX* Grand Baie

Kawaii (South-West)

Discover the art of Omakase at Kawaii, LUX* Le Morne’s latest culinary gem that opened its doors in July. This intimate Japanese restaurant, designed by renowned architect Jean-Marc Tang, offers a modern setting enriched by a vibrant mural from local artist Kim Yip Tong. With a focus on the Japanese way of life, Kawaii serves an evolving menu curated by Chef Alejandro Moranda, ensuring a fresh experience with each visit. Limited to eight guests per seating, the restaurant provides a personalized and immersive dining adventure. Omakase, meaning “I leave it to you,” emphasizes the chef’s creativity and a symphony of flavors, promising a unique and enchanting experience. 

Visit Kawaii at LUX* Le Morne. 

Photo credit: LUX* Le Morne
new restaurants in 2024
Photo credit: LUX* Le Morne
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