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Where to shop for unique handmade jewelry locally made in Mauritius? (Updated 2024)

handmade jewellery mauritius Lost Eden

Support jewellery artists in Mauritius and purchase unique handcrafted treasures that will bring joy to your heart and style to your outfit. 

If you’d like to be purchase your jewelry in the most sustainable way, buy pieces that are using recycled materials and don’t require mining. Precious metals like silver and gold can easily be melted and reformed into a new piece. Many artisans are happy to give a second life to your jewelry. Regarding gems and diamonds, you can ask how they are sourced but it’s very difficult to know if they are sourced ethically. Lab-grown diamonds are an alternative you might want to consider.

We’ve compiled a list of handmade jewellery brands from Mauritius where you can get your next favourite piece of jewelry. 


Where to find beautiful handmade jewellery in Mauritius?


1.  Lost Eden

Each piece of this feminine, bohemian style and earthy collection is carefully designed and created by Deniz using genuine cystals and semi-precious stones that are just as healing for the eyes as they are physically. Beside the beauty and uniqueness of each piece, you’ll love the amount of care, creativity, ethic and magical energy she is putting in her work. 

Lost Eden, available online. From 300 Rs.

handmade jewellery mauritius - Lost Eden
handmade jewellery mauritius - Lost Eden

2. By Agathe Besse

Agathe Besse’s artisanal handcratfed pieces are infused with her signature sunny and feminine touch. She designs with her team colorful, elegant and delicate jewelry collections inspired by the tropical islands vibes of Mauritius. 

By Agathe Besse, available in stores across the islands, in Grand Baie La Croisette, Cascavelle Shopping Mall or the newly opened shop in Quartier des Serres, Labourdonnais.

handmade jewellery mauritius - by Agathe
handmade jewellery mauritius - by Agathe

3. Siana Handmade Jewelry

Those classy handcrafted pieces of jewelry are designed with love by Sabine, who started Siana Jewelry with the intention of offering affordable customized jewelry pieces. The name Siana is inspired from to the Royal Poinciana, also known as Le Flamboyant, which are the trees that usually bloom with orange-red flowers all over Mauritius. She loves connecting colors and shapes to design unique pieces. Most of her jewelry pieces have been customized  for the client.

Siana Handmade Jewelry, purchase from her Facebook or Instagram page, or Whatasapp (58333788) directly. Free delivery within Mauritius and Rodrigues. From 400 Rs.

handmade jewellery mauritius - Siana
handmade jewellery mauritius - Siana

4. Craftplus Mauritius

You’ll find on this shop polymer clay earrings, as well as cute silver and gold-plated bracelets and pendants. 
Craftplus Mauritius, purchase from the the Instagram page directly. From 200 Rs. 

handmade jewellery mauritius - Craftplus
handmade jewellery mauritius - Craftplus

5. Zea

This small family business has been founded by Martin Beffert, German designer and master-goldsmith, and his wife Angela. After years of exporting his collections, he decided to introduce his jewellery on the Mauritian market in 2007. Their elegant pieces are entirely designed and crafted in their workshop in Mauritius with their team of Mauritian artisans, combining handcraft techniques and the latest technologies. Their workshop, located in Moka, is open to anyone wishing to take a tour. Their jewellery is a mix of local influences and German design, and showcases Mauritian themes such as the dodo, the frangipani flower and sea urchin in a modern and sophisticated way.  


Zea, purchase from their boutique, at Mahogany Shopping Promenade (Beau Plan), from their factory in Moka (Leclezio Avenue), or directly from the internet (by email or Facebook). Free delivery. From 1000 Rs. 

handmade jewellery mauritius - Zea
handmade jewellery mauritius - Zea

6. Oceano Pearls

Designer Harriet Batchelor spent her childhood in Mauritius before moving to Italy for 17 years where she started the jewelry brand Oceano Pearls. Her luxury jewelry designs are inspired from the corals of the island’s sea and the shells of its beaches, and handcrafted using beautiful baroque pearls and volcanic lava from the island. Each piece is named after a village or a beach, where Harriet holds her fondest memories.  


Oceano Pearls purchase from their shops at Sunset Boulevard (Grand Baie) and Ruisseau Creole (Tamarin). From 5000 Rs.  

handmade jewellery mauritius - Oceano Pearls
handmade jewellery mauritius - Oceano pearls

7. Orichka Bijoux

This French jewelry creator has made Mauritius her home. Her unique handmade collection is colorful, stainless and customizable.  

 Orichka Bijoux, selling in some shops, online and offline such as Verandah Gift Shop
handmade jewellery mauritius - Orichka
handmade jewellery mauritius - Orichka

8. Ensam

This local brand is the creation of one woman entrepreneur, Gaëlle Petit, to promote Mauritian culture through innovative jewelry. Her collection of handmade jewelleries is made of Cipaye, a natural pearl like grain that grows on our island. Being a full-on environmentalist, she wants her products to be eco-friendly. She uses mostly natural raw materials such as cipaye and lagrain diable, freshwater pearls, crystals and wooden beads, and she tries to follow the three Rs’ rules of sustainable development: reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

Ensam, selling online with delivery in Albion or by post. From Rs300.
handmade jewellery mauritius - Ensam
handmade jewellery mauritius - Ensam

9. ArtClay

Handcrafted with care and attention to detail, each piece is unique and made of polymer clay.  From bold colours to intricate patterns, ArtClay offers a wide selection of designs to choose from and you can also order your own custom design. It will take about 2-4 days to make it. 

ArtClay, available at some resellers (I Love Mahebourg ek so Palto Artisans, Kreasyon Lokal Floreal, Coffee Crea Grand Baie) or through the FB/Instagram pages with free delivery in Beau Bassin or delivery by post.
handmade jewellery mauritius - Artclay
handmade jewellery mauritius - artclay

10. Gems Enigma

As an authorized dealer in Precious & Natural Gemstones, with a legacy dating back to 2007, Gems Enigma offers beautiful jewellery pieces designed and handcrafted in Mauritius.  Their collection of modern and spiritual jewelry is a delightful fusion of elegance and deeper significance. The seamless incorporation of precious gems into their designs reflects their profound understanding of the inherent energy and beauty that each gemstone carries. Whether you’re drawn to their ethereal Amethyst rings, protective Evil Eye charm bracelets, or the raw allure of Pyrite pendants, Gems Enigma’s offerings truly bridge the gap between the modern and spiritual realms, making each piece a wearable work of art that resonates on multiple levels. 

Gems Enigma, available through the Facebook and Instagram pages.
handmade jewellery mauritius - gems
handmade jewellery mauritius - enigma gems

11. Madame Chipie

Madame Chipie stands as a distinctive presence among the array of jewelry makers in Mauritius, crafting handmade, one-of-a-kind, and artistic pieces that exude a sense of individuality. Each creation from Madame Chipie, meticulously crafted in clay and adorned with vibrant colors, is a testament to their commitment to uniqueness, ensuring that no piece is replicated. With the convenience of direct messaging for orders, their clay-crafted and colorful creations are just a click away, offering both delivery by post and the option for pick-up within the Plaine Wilhems region. 

Madame Chipie, available through the Instagram page.
Handmade, unique, artsy jewellery in mauritus

12. Ederr Jewelry Mauritius

Ederr Jewellery, a local brand in Mauritius, specializes in handcrafted jewelry. Each piece is unique and special to them. Their focus is on creating custom jewelry in silver sterling and gold. They are registered with the Assay Office, ensuring their jewelry is of good quality. They offer free delivery across the island. For personalized jewelry, customers can rely on Ederr Jewellery. They can be found in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

Ederr Jewellery is available through their Facebook and Instagram pages.

13. Aurum Oasis Jewellery

Founded in 2016, Aurum Oasis Jewellery started its journey on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Two years later, in 2018, they expanded their presence by opening a physical store in Quatre-Bornes, offering a wider selection of products. In 2020, they reached another milestone by launching their website, making it easier for customers to shop. Aurum Oasis Jewellery takes pride in revolutionizing the online jewelry industry in Mauritius and aims to keep innovating in the future. They offer a diverse collection, from simple wedding bands to intricate Indian wedding jewelry, catering to various tastes and preferences.

Aurum Oasis Jewellery, is available on Facebook and Instagram.

14. Gingko Jewellery

Gingko Jewellery offers handcrafted jewelry created by three talented mothers. Their products are available for online purchase, making it convenient for customers to shop from anywhere in the world. You can find their collections at My Pop Up Store, Sundae.mu,  Galipette Mauritius, and The Small Corner.

Ginkp Jewellery is also available on their Instagram Page.


15. She is Gold

She is Gold offers a range of high-quality, tarnish-free, hypoallergenic stainless steel jewelry. Their pieces are designed to provide a safe and stylish option for girls. Based in Mauritius, “She is Gold” is committed to offering jewelry that shines with both beauty and durability.

‘She is Gold’ is available on Instagram.

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