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Top DIY and Home Decor Shops in Mauritius (updated 2024)

Home decor mauritius and DIY

Whether you’re looking to infuse your unique style into your new home or seeking exciting ways to revamp your living space, Mauritius offers a growing array of options to unleash your creativity. With an abundance of choices, ranging from locally crafted unique pieces or imported home decor treasures, or if you go the ever-popular DIY route, you can tailor your surroundings to your unique taste and create a sanctuary as beautiful as this paradise island. And we’ve made it even easier for you to navigate the DIY and home decor shops in Mauritius with this practical guide!

Make sure to not miss the grand exhibitions “Le Grand Salon de la Maison et du Jardin,” held approximately three times a year in Port Louis. These events offer excellent opportunities to enjoy substantial discounts on a wide range of home decor products.

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Best DIY and Home Decor Shops in Mauritius

Facebook, Weshare.mu, The Good Shop...

In Mauritius, when it comes to home decor and DIY projects, there are numerous avenues to explore that offer affordable and sustainable options. Before heading to traditional stores, it’s worth delving into the treasure troves of Facebook Marketplace, garage sales, the popular second-hand website, weshare.mu or the The Good Shop stores in Curepipe and Calebasses. These platforms not only provide a budget-friendly alternative but also contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle by giving preloved items a second chance. Moreover, you can discover a myriad of unique and captivating art pieces crafted by talented local artists on these platforms, adding an extra touch of creativity and authenticity to your home. By embracing these online spaces, you can support both their wallets and the local creative community while adorning their living spaces with character and charm. For further guidance and recommendations on where to find second-hand pieces, check out our dedicated article on the subject

Home decor Facebook Mauritius


Naveli Mauritius is an inspired lifestyle shop located in St Paul, known for its impressive collection of arts and crafts crafted by local artisans. This charming boutique offers a treasure trove of Made in Moris products as well as imported products at affordable prices. Visitors are welcomed by a warm team, ensuring a delightful and memorable shopping experience. You will discover here various decorative items for our house and garden. The boutique’s tasteful design adds to its allure. Naveli showcases a diverse range of locally crafted and imported products, including mendirs, statues, pots, shelves, lamps, macrames, textiles, and more. With its unique selection and exceptional customer service, Naveli is highly recommended for those seeking to add a touch of local artistry to their living spaces. 

Naveli: store at Sawmill Lane, 73551 Saint Paul, Phoenix Vacoas, Mauritius. Phone: 5757 2885.

Naveli home decor shops in Mauritius
naveli home decor shops in mauritius

Espace Maison

Espace Maison is the one-stop shop for trendy home decor, furniture, gardening, flooring, lighting, tools and appliances that meet your need and budget. It’s also the reference for DIY. Espace Maison currently has 6 shops in Mauritius and an online shop that delivers across the island. The retailer curates furnitures from suppliers around the world to find the unique trendy pieces that you’ll love.  They also offer contracting services such as professional tile-laying services and wood cutting.  

Espace Maison, several stores across the island: Forbach, Gros Cailloux, Trianon, Tamarin, Beauvallon and Flacq. 

Espace Maison diy home decor shops in mauritius

Mr. Bricolage

Mr. Bricolage stores in Mauritius are a haven for home improvement enthusiasts and DIY aficionados. Step into one of their well-stocked locations, and you’ll find a vast array of products to fulfill your home decor and DIY needs. From power tools and hardware supplies to paint, flooring, and lighting fixtures, the French retail chain offers a comprehensive range of products to help you bring your creative visions to life. Whether you’re embarking on a small-scale project or a complete home renovation, their knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist and provide expert advice. Mr. Bricolage stores in Mauritius also offer a delightful surprise for art lovers and aspiring artists. Among their diverse range of products, you can find a selection of canvas and painting supplies that allow your inner artist to flourish. In addition to three physical stores, Mr. Bricolage in Mauritius also provides the convenience of online shopping.

Mr. Bricolage Trianon. Centre Commercial Emerald Park. 
Mr. Bricolage Grand Baie. Centre Commercial Grand Baie La Croisette
Mr. Bricolage Cascavelle, Centre Commercial de Cascavelle
Mr. Bricolage website

Mr Bicolage DIY and home decor shops in mauritius
home decor shops in Mauritius - Mr Bricolage

Quincaillerie A1

Established in 1930, Quincaillerie A1 in Mauritius is a beloved local store that prioritizes affordability and customer service. While it may not have a showroom, this humble establishment offers a personalized and attentive customer experience, and a very large choice of home building materials available in stock. Their extensive product offerings include everything from sanitary wares and plumbing fixtures to electrical supplies and construction essentials. From expert advice to friendly assistance, their dedicated customer service ensures that shoppers receive the guidance they need to make informed choices.  

Quincaillerie A1, Club Road, Vacoas, Mauritius.

A1 quincaillerie home decor DIY Mauritius

Muy Mucho

This home decor brand from Barcelona started in 1997 and has since then opened more than 70 shops in Spain, 44 in France, and many more around the world… It entered Mauritius in January 2022 and became immediately a success. Visit their three stores in La Croisette Grand Baie,  Tribecca and Cascavelle. Mirrors, baskets, kitchenwear, lights, cushions… Find everything you need to pamper your home and give it some warm aesthetics. The brand is obsessed with earth tones and natural fibers. You’ll find everything here to give your house this modern chic boho look.  

Muy Mucho:
– La Croisette, Grand Baie. 
– Tribecca Mall
– Cascavelle Shopping Mall

Muy Mucho furniture diy home decor shops in mauritius
Muy Mucho furniture diy home decor shops in mauritius

Ikhaya Craft

Ikhaya Craft in Mauritius is a haven for eco-conscious DIY and home decor enthusiasts. With a strong commitment to sustainability, all their products are meticulously handmade using eco-friendly materials of the highest quality, primarily sourced from Bali. Their exquisite collection includes a variety of beautifully crafted items that exude bohemian charm and modern elegance. The Ikhaya wall deco collection, crafted from sea grass and rattan or banana bark and macrame, adds a bohemian touch to any interior, complete with a hanging hook for easy display. Another highlight is the signature single-seater sofa, offering a contemporary circular design with a hand-made rattan frame for durability and style. The craftsmanship extends to their bed benches, featuring a rattan wicker frame, perfect for relaxation or storage purposes. Ikhaya Craft also offers stunning handmade seagrass and raffia baskets, ideal as cache pots for your plants or as versatile decorative storage pieces. Embrace the artistry and sustainability of Ikhaya Craft’s products, elevating your DIY and home decor endeavors to an exceptional level of elegance and environmental consciousness.

Ikhaya Craft: Showroom at Avenue Carrière, Flic en Flac. Tel: 5250 6310.

Ikhaya Craft DIY and home decor shops in mauritius
Ikhaya Craft DIY and home decor shops in mauritius

Cosy and Comfy Home Decor

Cosy & Comfy Home Decor store in Mauritius is a delightful treasure trove for those seeking bohemian and Balinese-inspired home decor, along with an array of pallets wood creations. Situated in the heart of Port Louis, this store is known for its exceptional customer service and competitive rates, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience for all. They provide a unique collection of rattan vintage one-seaters, perfect for adding a touch of boho chic to your bedroom or terrace, especially when paired with a round jute rug. These hand-made rugs, crafted with real natural jute and seagrass sourced all the way from Bali, are ideal for completing the boho look in your living space. Cosy & Comfy also offers wooden crates, jute poufs, baskets, and cachepots at incredibly affordable prices, starting from just 250 MUR. 

Cosy & Comfy Home Decor: Store at Nicolay Street Port Louis, Port Louis, Mauritius. Phone: 5780 0485. 

Cosy and Comfy mauritius DIY and home decor shops in mauritius
Cosy and Comfy mauritius DIY and home decor shops in mauritius

Mysa Maison

Mysa Maison in Mauritius is a haven of intimacy and serenity, offering a unique array of home decor and furnishings that captivate the senses. Beyond their exquisite fabrics, Mysa Maison has expanded into a world of possibilities, showcasing a collection of furniture, table services and enchanting decorations. Inspired by the rich textures of Hyderabad, India, the brand has grown into a destination for those seeking to elevate their living spaces with refined elegance. Each piece exudes a rare charm, carefully selected to create a harmonious and personalized ambiance in every home. With attention to sustainability, Mysa Maison ensures their offerings are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly. Embrace the art of serenity as you explore Mysa Maison’s diverse range of home decor and furnishings, where every item tells a story of comfort, style, and lasting allure.

Mysa Maison: Palm Square, Royal Road, Riviere Noire (Next to Food Lovers). Phone: 674 1115/16.

Mysa maison home decor Mauritius

Domestic Dreams

Domestic Dreams’s signature collection boasts an array of meticulously crafted rugs, each a testament to artistry and quality. From the Circle Rug series, with its contemporary braided Jute designs in natural and neutral tones, to the practical yet stylish Hallway Runner collection, Domestic Dreams offers solutions to adorn every corner of your home. Beyond rugs, the shop also offers an exquisite selection of vintage clocks and wall decorations, each piece curated to add character and charm to any room. With a dedication to quality and craftsmanship, Domestic Dreams invites you to transform your home into a haven of comfort and style. 

Domestic Dreams: Tribecca Mall. 

Domestic Dreams home decor in mauritius
Photo credit: Domestic Dreams


Lacalita emerges as a treasure trove of decor inspiration since its opening in mid-October 2023.  Lacalita captivates from the moment one steps inside. Beside its furniture, you’ll find  seating options in various styles and fabrics, statues, rugs, hats, bags, lighting fixtures, chandeliers, mirrors, and other unique pieces that serve as testaments to contemporary artistry. Every corner invites exploration, with colors, shapes, and inspirations from around the world intermingling seamlessly. 

Lacalita. Address: Face ex Kapukaï Royal Road Grand Baie.

lacalita home decor mauritius
Photo credit: Lacalita
Lacalita home decor in mauritius
Photo credit: Lacalita


Ekla, established in 2015 by Shenaz Currimjee, a Mauritian creative director, and Elsa Lemarignier, a Parisian gallery owner and design editor, embodies a unique fusion of Mauritian charm and international design expertise. Rooted in years of experience in design, fashion, and culture, Ekla was born out of a shared vision to create spaces that marry beauty, functionality, and happiness. As a platform dedicated to design in all its forms, Ekla meticulously curates a selection of Mauritian and international designers and editors, focusing on furniture, lighting, and object design. Since its inception, Ekla has distinguished itself through its commitment to innovative, contemporary design, craftsmanship, and sustainable manufacturing. With a focus on building collectible collections that withstand the Mauritian climate and promoting Mauritian know-how, Ekla showcases pieces by local talents alongside renowned international brands. 

EKLA. Address: Ex-Distillery, Goodlands, Mauritius. 

ekla home decor mauritius
Photo credit: Ekla


Manjoo stores in Mauritius stand out not only for their diverse product range but also for their unwavering commitment to affordability. For generations, Manjoo has been a go-to destination for budget-conscious shoppers seeking quality products at competitive prices. From everyday essentials to fashion-forward items, their offerings cater to every budget, making it a shopping haven for individuals and families alike. The affordability of their products, combined with the wide selection available, ensures that customers can find everything they need without breaking the bank. With a reputation for offering unbeatable value for money, Manjoo stores have become synonymous with accessibility and economic choices, solidifying their position as a beloved and trusted retailer in Mauritius.

Manjoo: a dozen stores across Mauritius, including Tribecca Mall and Coeur Cap Tamarin. 

Manjoo home decor mauritius

La Foir'Fouilles

La Foir’fouille has established its presence with three stores across Mauritius, each offering a treasure trove of diverse and affordable home decor and lifestyle products. With a commitment to providing a wide range of items at competitive prices, La Foir’fouille has become a go-to destination for those seeking to transform their living spaces with style and creativity. From trendy home furnishings to unique decorations and practical essentials, each store showcases a vast selection that caters to various tastes and preferences. Whether you’re in search of seasonal decorations, garden accessories, or everyday household items, La Foir’fouille’s three stores in Mauritius are the ultimate destination for those who appreciate quality, affordability, and a touch of French flair in their home decor choices. 

La Foir’Fouilles:
– Tribecca Mall. 
– Twenty-Foot Rd, Grand Baie 30501
– Flacq Boulet Rouge Flacq – Mauritius MU, 40603

Foir'fouilles home decor shops in mauritius
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