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Where to buy real and artificial Christmas trees in Mauritius ? 

christmas trees mauritius

The holiday season is upon us, and the search for the perfect Christmas tree has begun. In Mauritius, a tropical island with a predominantly Hindu population, finding a Christmas tree might seem like a challenge. But fear not, whether you’re a fan of live trees or artificial ones, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll explore the options for acquiring Christmas trees in Mauritius and weigh the pros and cons of live and fake trees.

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Find your Christmas tree in Mauritius

Before we dive into where to find Christmas trees in Mauritius, it’s important to consider the environmental impact of your choice. The most sustainable options are live, potted trees that can be replanted after the holiday season or choosing artificial trees that can be reused for many years.  Unlike live trees, artificial trees won’t shed needles, keeping your home clean throughout the festive season. And to recreate the scent of a real pine tree, which is often the main reason why people don’t prefer fake trees, you can even diffuse pine essential oil on the branches. 


The sale of live Christmas trees in Mauritius

In Mauritius, the production of Christmas trees for the holiday season is a continuous effort. Trees planted this year will not be ready for sale until four or five years down the line. To ensure an ample supply and discourage illegal tree cutting, the Ministry of Agro-Industry takes charge of providing the local market with Christmas trees.

These trees, mainly pine and cypress, are made available to the public and retailers at various locations across the island, including Curepipe, Souillac, Quartier-Militaire, and Ste Croix. Prices vary, with the pine trees being more accessible, while the rare cypress trees can fetch up to Rs 1,000 each.

The sale usually begins approximately a week before Christmas, and you can find these live trees at locations such as the SSR Botanical Garden in Curepipe, Abercrombie Forest Nursery, Quartier-Militaire Forest Office, Souillac Nursery, and Pamplemousses Forest Office. For more information, you can contact the Forestry Service at 674-7254 or 675-4968.

For those eager to get a live tree before the holiday rush, Espace Jardin from Espace Maison has options available from end of November, and the website Tizardin.mu also offers live potted Christmas trees from 350 Rs that you can purchase online and get delivered directly to your house.

Where to buy artificial Christmas trees in Mauritius?

If you’re looking for an artificial Christmas tree, the most sustainable and cheapest option is to find secondhand trees available for sale, so keep an eye out for secondhand options. Check our article about second hand shops in Mauritius to know all about buying preloved items on the island. 

Second hand options are unfortunately very limited, so you may need to buy a new one. You will find trees of all sizes and colors at the following main home decor stores : 

  1. GiFi (Phoenix Mall): trees up to 3m high
  2. La Foir’Fouilles (Grand Baie, Flacq, Tribecca) : trees below 1.8m
  3. Mr. Bricolage (Trianon, Grand Baie): trees of 1.5m 
  4. Espace Maison (Beau Vallon, Trianon, Tamarin, Forbach, Flacq, Gros Cailloux). 

Those stores will also carry beautiful collections of christmas tree decorations.  Alternatively, you can find unique and hand made decorations at the many Christmas markets around the island in December. Check our article to know when and where to find the main Christmas markets in Mauritius this year. 

Additionally, large supermarkets like Super U, Intermart, and Jumbo will also carry a selection of Christmas trees and decorations.

While you can order one online and import it from abroad, this will be overpriced and may not arrive in time for the holidays.


Whether you prefer the authenticity of a live Christmas tree or the convenience of an artificial one, Mauritius has options to suit your holiday needs. Remember to consider the sustainability of your choice, and enjoy the festive season as you adorn your home with the spirit of Christmas. Happy holidays!

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