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Top outdoor fun & sporty activities – including water sport – in Mauritius (updated 2024)


Looking for the ultimate adventure playground to share with friends? Look no further than Mauritius! With its pristine waters and stunning landscapes, Mauritius is a haven for water sports and an array of other thrilling activities perfect for group fun.

Staying active  doesn’t have to be a dread. Get the adrenaline pumping with your besties – keep scrolling for exciting sports activities in Mauritius that’ll put the fun back into fitness. 

1. Private Horse Riding At Le Morne Mountain

Selected as a World Heritage by UNESCO, Le Morne, you can experience private horse riding along one of the most beautiful mountain trails of Mauritius. It’s an exciting way to explore Mauritius’ landscape and nature with these charming animals.

Highlights of the trip:
  • Guided Private Horse Riding at Le Morne Mountain
  • Le Morne trail takes you in the midst of green forest stretches with stunning views
Many companies like Haras de Morne, Oazure Villa Maurice, and many more founded by passionate horse lovers, offer private horse riding classes. 
Photo credit: conciergehotels.blogspot.com

2. Sea & Water Sport in Mauritius 

Mauritius is a real paradise island for any sea and water activities. The vast turquoise blue waters surrounding the island aren’t just peaceful to the eyes but also full of exciting possibilities for you to take part in. 

So don’t just lie on the beach and choose according to your needs from any of the water sports in Mauritius from below.


Stand-Up Paddle

Stand-up paddleboarding, also known by the acronym SUP, is one of the fastest-growing board sports in the world. SUP is a subclass of paddleboarding, a broader concept that also includes the use of arms while kneeling, lying, or standing on a narrow and long paddleboard to move around in the water. Paddle on one of the most beautiful lagoons with its crystal blue waters of Le Morne, La Preneuse, Tamarin, and Flic en Flac Beach. It’s an easy activity to learn so it guarantees fun for all ages including children. Take note: It’s important to know swimming before you try this sport and if you are an amateur swimmer it’s best to wear a life jacket or be under the surveillance of someone who has previous experience in this sport or a professional instructor. You can easily buy a paddleboard from Decathlon or any of the local surf shops.

Kitesurf Lesson at Le Morne Beach

The most adventurous of you will definitely love to learn Kitesurf on the beautiful beach of Le Morne. You’ll find there many companies offering packages allowing you to learn the basics of kitesurfing from experienced instructors in a place naturally designed to kitesurf.

What makes this the ideal place for kitesurfing is waist-level shallow water and the perfect wind blowing almost throughout the year (the best time to come would be the months between April to November when the wind is up and consistent). A professional certified instructor will accompany you to give the instructions and briefing. You can either learn as part of a group or opt for a private lesson if you would prefer to learn faster and get individual attention.

You can enquire more from the following kitesurfing schools-

Le Morne Kite SchoolAirswitch KitesurfingIon Club Kite SchoolSon of Kite SchoolKite School Morne Village

Guided Kayak Tour  

Discover the natural beauty of Mauritius on Yanature kayak tours. The Tamarin River is one of the prime spots for kayak tours with local guides. Learn about Tamarin history as you paddle along the calm waters of the Tamarin River.  Start kayaking at the very spot where the river meets the ocean, also known as Tamarin Bay, which is famous for its mythical waves. Paddle upstream the calm waters and discover the two main arms of the river. On one side the Rempart and the Trois Mamelles mountains, and on the other, the magnificent mountain of La Tourelle. Lokal Adventure tours make you stroll around Tamarin Bay in search of dolphins, a non intrusive approach in the quietness  of the kayak’s lapping.

Another unique place to kayak is Roche Zozo, located in the east, which offers an experience through hidden caves and unexplored islands. 

Contact the following companies to book your kayak tour, or buy your own kayak at Decathlon –

Yanature Kayak (book via Manawa, Trekking Mauritius or  Mari Deal), Eco Mauritius, or Lokal Adventure


Mauritius is one of the most beautiful lagoons in the Indian Ocean. This beautiful island has a variety of good snorkeling spots where you can explore beautiful reefs to encounter colorful tropical fish and other marine species such as sea turtles, rays, and dolphins.  Check our article on the best swimming beaches in Mauritius to find out the best spots for snorkeling

Scuba Diving

Mauritius is surrounded by beautiful natural coral reefs and you can find a variety of beautiful and rare creatures around the reefs. Summer is considered to be the best time to go diving as the warmer water temperatures attract a lot of fish around the reef and you catch the site of different varieties of marine species making Mauritius one of the top destinations for scuba diving and you can also get your PADI certification here.

You can buy scuba diving packages from MariDeal

Here are some of the companies offering scuba diving in Mauritius-


Photo credit: David Gervel https://www.pinterest.com/mauritiusmauseo/

3. Beach Volleyball

Mauritius is famous for its beautiful beaches and it’s definitely an experience to play beach volleyball on the pristine white sands. Beach volleyball is a national sport for Mauritius where the local team are represented in the Olympics and also Commonwealth Games. You can either join a local facebook beach volleyball group like Tamarin Beach Volleyball club, or you can create your own group with your friends and family and can purchase the necessary sports equipment from Decathlon Mauritius
Photo Credit: www.buenaforma.org

4. Hiking 

Not a doubt that Mauritius has one of the best hiking and trekking trails (we’ve listed them here!). You can find a mix of beginners level hiking to very professional hiking trails. What makes Mauritius hiking special is the beautiful lush greenery and gorgeous views. Some hikes lead up to beautiful waterfalls (we have an article on that too: Most Instagram-worthy waterfalls in Mauritius).  We recommend you buy good-quality hiking gear to avoid any accidents because it can get challenging at some parts also carry plenty of water and food especially when you are hiking in the summer. The best time to go for hikes is in the morning and you can even plan a small picnic with a great view. In the Riviere Noire district, you can go to Black River Gorges National Park to enjoy many types of hiking trails. To make it even more fun, join our Meet & Trek meetups which we organize once a month, and take this opportunity to meet new people during your trek. 

Meet and trek le pouce frolic
Frolic Meet & Trek meetups

5. Golf 

Mauritius is famous for its vast stretches of pristine white-sanded beaches, warm temperatures, and pleasant weather all year round which provides excellent conditions for golf and for a great golf holiday. Mauritius has become the ultimate Golf destination for any golfer. There is an astonishingly high number of golf courses dotted all over the island (we’ve listed the best ones here). You can visit with your friends and family at some of the best golf courses in Mauritius. Most golf clubs offer a variety of golf packages suitable for all levels. Throughout the island, you will find many gold clubs but in the west, you can try Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club and Tamarina Golf Estate

Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/constancehotels/

6. Beach Tennis

Yes, this sport is as exciting as it sounds. It’s very similar to tennis but instead of a tennis court, you play on the beach terrain. Loved by locals here you will often see them playing on the public beaches. It’s definitely a must-try and a fun energetic activity. A small initial investment is required to play this sport. You can buy the paddle or racquet and net from Decathlon and you can choose to play on any of the big public beaches like Tamarin Public Beach. 

Photo credit: vogue.globo.com
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