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Pottery class in Mauritius: get your hands dirty and unleash your inner artist!

pottery class in mauritius
Eager to mold your own artistic journey? Embark on a pottery experience in the idyllic island paradise of Mauritius and unleash your inner artist.  These pottery classes in Mauritius will teach you the art of wheel throwing, hand building and glazing.  If the idea of crafting your very own mugs, pots, and pitchers sparks your curiosity, join us in uncovering the captivating world of pottery classes in Mauritius.
Photo credit: Andy Kelly on Unsplash 

Find your pottery class in Mauritius

1. Pottery class at Tamarin Arts Centre (West)

Embark on a creative journey at Tamarin Arts Centre every Friday morning from 10:30 to 12:30, guided by the renowned artist Leanda Bass. Nestled in a lovely area by NOMAD restaurant in Black River, this class offers an exploration of ceramic art and clay manipulation. Leanda Bass, celebrated internationally for her artistry, brings her expertise to teach participants how to express their creativity through various clay forms. Each 2-hour class, including materials, costs Rs900, while a comprehensive 6-session course is priced at Rs4800. During those 6 sessions, you’ll learn the basics of making a pot, different methods of pot building, application of decorative work, adding more complex decorative pieces and glazing with pattern making.  In level 2, Leanda will guide you to encompass painting techniques, wheel craftsmanship, and the intricate art of hand building larger pottery pieces.  Delve into the realm of ceramics under the guidance of a true master, and let your imagination take shape.

Tamarin Arts Centre, near NOMAD, Black River. Booking: 5983 9949. 

pottery class in mauritius
Credit Photo: Tamarin Arts Center

2. Niteo Art Therapy (various locations)

Yashna Meetoo, a psychologist turned artist, introduces a unique approach to self-care with Niteo Art Therapy. Unwind and rejuvenate through sustainable clay therapy sessions held at picturesque venues like the Green Village and Hideaway Garden Restaurant. These sessions focus on fostering wellbeing rather than honing pottery skills, using air-dry clay as a therapeutic medium. No expertise is required, just a willingness to explore and express. For those seeking relaxation and creative solace, Niteo’s group therapeutic sessions offer a blissful escape. Stay updated on upcoming sessions via her Instagram page: @niteoartherapy.

Niteo Art Therapy. Booking: 59059471. 

pottery class mauritius
Credit photo: Niteo Art Therapy

3. Pigment It Pottery (South-East)

Nadine, a passionate artist with a background in graphic arts and 3D animation, shares her love for ceramics through Pigment It. Having honed her craft in Montreal, she brings diverse pottery techniques like wheel throwing, hand building, and molding to her studio in Bluebay, Mauritius. With functional ceramics designed to infuse art into everyday life, Nadine imparts her skills to children and adults alike. Join her for an introductory wheel throwing workshop at Rs3500 and witness the transformation of clay into art. Reservations on her website.

Pigment It Pottery website

Pigment it pottery class in mauritius
Credit photo: Pigment It Pottery

4. Pottery by Janine (North)

Discover the art of pottery with Janine, an accomplished ceramicist, and educator. Janine’s studio offers immersive courses in pottery and ceramic painting, providing a creative haven for enthusiasts. Held on either Tuesdays or Thursdays from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM, the four-class package costs Rs6000, covering all essential materials. Janine’s journey in ceramics began in her early 20s, blossoming into a career that left a mark in Johannesburg, South Africa. With a unique studio located in the quiet surrounds at The Mount, close to the Pamplemousses Gardens, Janine’s creations are a testament to her passion, dedication, and exquisite artistry. 

Pottery by Janine. The Mount, Pamplemousse. Booking: 5 9328189.

pottery class in mauritius
Photo Credit: Pottery by Janine
pottery class in mauritius
Photo Credit: Pottery by Janine
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