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Where to Learn and Practice Yoga? Our Guide to Yoga Classes in Mauritius (West Coast)- UPDATED

Photo Credit: Olivier G Bechard, Sunset Yoga with Roxann and Aurélie

(Photo Credit in the thumbnail: Olivier G Bechard, Full Moon Yoga by Roxann Wild)

Yoga lovers and zen-warrior seekers, if you live in the West and you’re looking for the best studios and open air classes to practice yoga in Mauritius, you’re at the right place. First of all, Tamarin is becoming the hub for yoga practice in Mauritius, so you’re sure to find a lot of options. We’ve listed all yoga studios and teachers on the West Coast so that you can start or keep practicing. Also, to be aware of special events, make sure to join this Facebook group dedicated to yoga in Mauritius!  


Best yoga classes in Mauritius

Tamarin Arts Centre / Roôm 

There are almost 2 sessions every day at the beautiful studio Roôm, at the Tamarin Arts Center, near NOMAD.  You have the choice between different practices : 

  • Vinyasa yoga : also called “flow” yoga, it incorprates movement and breathing techniques. It’s a good choice for the ones who like high-intensity exercises. It’s ideal for anxiety, depression, blood pressure and sleep. Teacher: Aurélie  and Roxann Wild.
  • Ashtanga yoga : if you are looking for yoga for anxiety and sress relief, upper back pain, lower back pain or fat loss, ashtanga would be the best for you. Teacher: Aurélie.
  • Dynamic yoga: also known as the “yoga of awareness”, it includes repetitive poses and a form of Kundalini/Bikram yoga. It is also suitable for stress, anxiety, depression and better cognitive function. Movements begin with a chant, followed by pranayama, the act of controlled and precise breathing. Then comes kriya, a set of postures, then pranayama, chanting and meditation. Teacher: Roxann Wild
  • Yin yogaYin yoga is a mix of martial arts and yoga. This form increases blood circulation in the joints and improves flexibility and muscle tone. Postures last for at least a minute, and through practice, one can hold the same pose for five minutes or more. Teacher: Roxann Wild

Tamarin Arts Centre / Roôm Studio, near NOMAD, Black River, Packages: Rs450 for drop in, Rs1600 (4 yoga classes with same teacher).
Booking with Roxann: 5458 4045.
Booking with Aurélie: 5841 5297.
The planning tends to change slightly. Check the latest planning on Tamarin Arts Centre’s Facebook page.


Roôm Studio
pam tamarin arts studio
Forrest yoga with Pam

Om Shanti / Yoga In Mauritius

Patricia Tschopp is giving weekly classes in French and English at La Preneuse: Mindful Movement on Tuesday at 7:30 am, Yin Yang Flow on Tuesday at 6:15 pm, Vinyasa Yoga on Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 am, and Yin Yoga on Thursday 6:15 pm.

Yoga In Mauritius / Om Shanti, La preneuse, between Mariposa and La Preneuse beach. Rs350 per class. Package of 10 classes for Rs3000. Phone number for booking : 52515214. 

omshanti mauritius yoga

Lexy Yoga

Lexy is teaching Hatha yoga in English for beginners to intermediate. Her classes are really about “toning, calming the mind, letting go and taking a moment of self care”. Hatha yoga works on the harmony between the chakras and energy points. it comprises many physical postures and positions that balance the body and mind. 

Beside Hatha yoga, she also offers classes of Stand Up Paddle Yoga, including a warm up paddle, yoga and meditation, and private and group sessions for cancer patients and survivors.  

Lexy Yoga, Unit 1, Riverview Centre, Gorges Road, Black River, Packages: Rs450 for drop-in, Rs400/class for monthly reserved spot classes x1 a week, Rs475/class for monthly reserved spot classes x2 a week. You’ll find the latest schedule on her Facebook page


Lexy yoga Mauritius

Mich’ Class Fit & Zen 

Mich is giving her class every Monday at 5:45 pm at Albion Beach, Wednesday at 5 pm at Flic en Flac, Friday at 7:45 am at Tamarin, and Saturday at 7:15 am at Albion.  The class is a combination of yoga and pilates and is accessible for all especially for 50/60/70 years old. 

Mich’ Class Fit & Zen, Albion beach/Pointe aux Sables/Tamarin beach/Flic en Flac beach. Call 57299189 to book your slot. 

Yoga in Mauritius west coast tamarin flic en flac
Mich' Class, Pointe aux Sables

Be in Yoga with Aurélie

Learn Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga with Aurélie who has been teaching for the last 7 years. She is teaching at Tamarin Arts Center, but also organizes yoga sessions at the beach punctually and retreats a few times a year. Follow her FB page to know if any beach yoga or other event is happening. 

Be in Yoga with Aurélie, Whatsapp: 5841 5297.

yoga aurélie mauritius west
In Yoga with Aurélie, Lakaz Chamarel
Aurelie yoga retreat
Yoga retreat with Aurélie

Roxann Wild : Full Moon Yoga, Acro Yoga, Teacher Training…

Besides her regular classes at the Tamarin Arts Center that we already mentioned, Roxann Wild has launched two very interesting events, the Full Moon Yoga (during summer) and Acro Yoga. She is also giving the Internationally Certified Hatha/Vinyasa Teacher Training course. 

Vinyasa Teacher Training

Finally, if you want to learn to become a professional yoga teacher, Roxann is giving the Internationally Certified 200Hr Hatha / Vinyasa Teacher Training course in partnership with Catherine Wilkinson, The Wellness Connection Teachers and Mauritian Guess Teachers. 

Hatha/Vinyasa Teacher Training, Roôm Studio (Tamarin Arts Centre, near NOMAD). Get in touch with Roxann to know more about the next course (email: roxannwild@gmail.com). 


Photo Credit : Olivier G Bechard


Acro Yoga by Roxann Wild & Antoine
Roxann Wild and Antoine are punctually organizing Acro Yoga workshops at The Green Village, Le Morne. They are both passionate about this practice which helps to deepen your sense of trust and communication, break your fear of being upside down and create bonds among others and make new friends. Follow Roxann’s Instagram page to be updated on the next sessions. 

Acro Yoga with Roxann Wild and Antoine, The Green Village, Le Morne, Price: Rs750 per person.


Roxann Wild and Antoine
Acro Yoga at the Green Village

Yoga Fusion 

Valentina is having Yoga Fusion classes every Tuesday at 7am at Emma’s Studio (Black River) and every Friday at 8:15am at the Attitude Dance Attitude Studio (Bambous Industrial Zone, near Cascavelle). Her Yoga style is inspired from Vinyasa Yoga and incroporates music.  

Yoga Fusion with Valentina : Attitude Dance Studio (near Cascavelle) and Emma’s Studio (Commercial Center Riverview, Black River), Rs350/class. Contact her directly: 58442171. 

Nishal Yoga

Last but not least, Nishal has been teaching yoga for 20 years and is one of the most popular and the best yoga teachers in Tamarin. He offers collective classes twice a week, on Monday and Thursday from 6 to 7:30 pm, in his studio on Jacarandas Road.

Nishal Yoga Studio, Salineo 3, Bloc C1, Avenue des Jacarandas, Cost: 500 Rs. Booking: 58319900. 

Photo Credit: Nishal Yoga & Massothérapie. via facebook


Ecoshe, a Mauritian non-profit founded by Heather & Garth Drummond, centers on fostering community well-being through yoga. They offer transformative workshops like the Sri Sri Yoga Course, a 2-week holistic program integrating stretching, ancient wisdom, breathwork, and meditation. Additionally, open-level yoga classes are held at various locations. Visit their website for details and join Ecoshe in promoting a conscious and connected lifestyle.

ecoshe ltd, Le Barachois, Tamarin, Mauritius. Booking- WhatsApp or Phone: +23057747741 and +23057772276

Photo Credit: ecoshe

Salt Yoga & Bounce 

Salt Yoga & Bounce Yoga Studio by Kristy and Kim in Tamarin Bay, Mauritius, seamlessly combines yoga and trampoline fitness for a unique wellness experience. Discover the fluidity of Vinyasa Yoga through their classes, available both in-person and online. Engage your little ones in the world of mindfulness with Kids Yoga, or elevate your fitness routine with the dynamic fusion of trampoline exercise and yoga in their Rebound classes. For more information and updates, visit their Facebook page.

Salt Yoga & Bounce, Cap Dal, Tamarin

Photo Credit: Salt Yoga & Bounce

The Pilates and Yoga Studio

Indulge in the art of yoga at this exceptional studio, guided by certified professional Ingrid Rey from New York’s Romana’s Pilates school. Enjoy personalized private sessions or join morning group classes without reservations. The studio, equipped with Gratz gear, charges no entry fee. Immerse yourself in rejuvenating yoga sessions for a harmonious mind-body experience.

Open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday. 1,500 Rs per person for a personalized 1-hour session, 2,000 Rs for 2.

The Pilates and Yoga Studio, 3-4 Mezza, Domaine de Mont Calme Tamarind. The booking number is +230 483 5290.

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