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Exploring Clothing Stores in Mauritius: A Sustainable Guide to Stylish Shopping

clothing stores in mauritius

In today’s world, responsible clothing shopping is a vital aspect of reducing our environmental impact. The fashion industry, particularly fast fashion, is known for its significant carbon footprint and detrimental effects on the environment. One of the first and most sustainable steps we can take in this journey is to minimize our clothing consumption by having just a few long-lasting, versatile pieces in our wardrobe. In this article, we will help you identify the different options you have for online and offline clothing stores in Mauritius, starting with the most sustainable ones. If the island may not boast an abundance of international fashion brands, it offers numerous opportunities for individuals to embrace eco-conscious shopping while staying stylish. Join us as we explore the diverse clothing stores in Mauritius in this comprehensive guide.

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Best clothing stores in Mauritius

1. Second-Hand Shopping: A Sustainable Choice

The perils of fast fashion are well-documented, and it’s essential to prioritize sustainable alternatives. Second-hand shopping is one such option, and Mauritius offers several avenues to explore. Stores like the Charity Center in Tamarin, The Good Shop, Double Life Mauritius, and numerous flea markets provide not only unique fashion finds but also contribute significantly to reducing textile waste and its associated environmental impacts. We’ve written an entire article about second-hand shops in Mauritius, so check it out!

second hand shops in mauritius
Photo Credit: blog.airmauritius.com

2. Factory Stores: The Heart of Local Production

Mauritius boasts a rich textile industry that dates back to the 1970s. While the sector has faced challenges over the years, including labor shortages and the relocation of a part of the apparel production to countries like Madagascar in 2003, it has left a lasting legacy of expertise. Buying directly from the factory stores ensures that you are buying local and at the cheapest price. We’ve identified a few factory stores in Mauritius.

Aquarelle Clothing

CIEL Group, the largest textile company in Mauritius, produces a staggering 43.5 million garments annually for global brands. Aquarelle is their shirts product range. You can explore their factory store, Aquarelle Clothing, located in Quatre Bornes, where you’ll find a diverse range of shirts, from casual, denim, clean and non-iron shirts.

Aquarelle Clothing, Rte Boundary, Port Louis District, Quatre Bornes. From Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm, and on Saturday: 10am-3pm. Tel:  402 1123. 

Atelier Aima Dora

Stylish, eco-friendly, and high-quality swimwear made in Mauritius? What more could you ask for? Aima Dora pieces aren’t just fashion; they’re a commitment to ethical craftsmanship. Handmade with heaps of love in Mauritius, their prints evoke a tropical vacation for your wardrobe. And guess what? Their fabric is the eco-warrior of swimwear—it’s made from up-cycled marine plastic. The core collection includes exclusive tropical color prints that you can wear in every season, along with an array of two-piece bikinis and one-piece suits available in various colors and sizes. You can visit their atelier in Quatre Bornes to try the swimsuits in person by scheduling an appointment using this form. And you’re in luck as we’ve partnered with Aima Dora to offer residents of Mauritius an exclusive opportunity to enjoy a special offer of 25%. Use the code FROLIC25 when making your purchase at the atelier or on Aima Dora’s e-commerce website to unlock this fantastic offer. The FROLIC25 code is exclusively valid for customers shopping in Mauritius. 

Atelier Aima Dora, Quatre Bornes. Schedule an appoint using this form

Atelier Inam
Additionally, don’t miss the factory stores of Atelier Inam in Grand Baie and Goodlands. Atelier Inam is a Made to Measure luxury cashmere knitwear manufacturer based in Mauritius.  After decades of producing for well-known luxury brands, Atelier Inam decided to reach out directly to the customer. Today, they sell mostly online through their e-commerce website but they welcome any visitors interested in sustainable and high quality fashion to visit their factory and buy from their factory stores.

Atelier Inam,
– Royal Road, Vel Industrial Complex, Mapou Leclezio, Goodlands 30410. Opening hours are : 9.15am-5pm. Tel. 282 17 00. 
Phase 3 near parking, Sunset Boulevard, La Salette Road, Grand Baie 30510. Opening hours are : 9.30-18.00hrs. Tel. 263 90 67

– Le Tricot International, Royal Road, Vel Industrial, Mapou Leclezio, Goodlands 30410. Tel: 282-1700.

clothing stores in mauritius
Photo credit: Atelier Inam
La Bonne Fouille Factory Shop

Furthermore, La Bonne Fouille’s Factory Shop, located in Curepipe, has been a favorite destination for Mauritians for over three decades, offering an array of international brands straight from the factory. 

La Bonne Fouille. Ramdenee Building, Curepipe. Tel:  674 9979. Monday to Saturday, 9:30am-5:30pm. 

3. Made in Moris Label: Championing Local Excellence

“Made in Moris” is a label created in 2013 by the Association of Mauritian Manufacturers (AMM). Today, it boasts over 90 member companies, with 50% being small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This label aims to promote the quality of locally manufactured products, celebrate Mauritian craftsmanship, and transform public perceptions regarding locally made goods.

Among these companies, you’ll find a few fashion manufacturers such as The Kreol Republic, a brand founded in late 2018 with the goal of celebrating Mauritius by incorporating elements of local culture with humor and bold graphics. Their collections primarily feature upcycled materials and emphasize eco-responsible practices.

Another example is Habit, established in 1986, which aligns its values with durability, culture, and environmental consciousness, creating unique streetwear that champions freedom, equal rights, local artists, street art, and music. Stores are located in Curepipe, Rose-Hill (Magic Lantern), Port Louis (Le Caudan Waterfront & Victoria Urban Terminal), Grand Baie, Goodlands.

clothing stores in mauritius
The Kreol Republic website

4. Stores Featuring Local Artisanal Products

While products from local artisans may come at a slightly higher price point, it’s a great way to support both the environment and the local community. There are a few stores in Mauritius selling exclusively local artisanal products. For example, My Popup Store in Vanilla Village in Black River offers a wide range of 100% local products. Additionally, many hotels, such as Hotel Attitude with their Otentik Bazar (an association with My Popup store), and Veranda Resort, house shops selling local crafts.

My Popup Store Mauritius, Vanilla Village, Black River, Monday to Saturday: 10am-5:30pm. Sunday: 10am-3pm. Tel: 5840 0333. 
Otentik Bazar, in Hotels Attitude. Check where to find the sustainable hotels from Hotels Attitude here

clothing stores in mauritius
Photo credit: My Popup Store in Mauritius

5. Local Mauritian Brands: Embrace the Island Spirit

While exploring local Mauritian brands can be an option to consider, it’s essential to note that these brands often fall into the fast fashion category, and their production origins may not always be transparent. However, they have gained popularity for their beautiful collections that reflect the vibrant spirit of the island. Here are a few clothing brands which have stores everywhere around the island: 

  • Body & Soul: Founded in 2005, Body & Soul is a fashion brand from Mauritius with a network of retail outlets across the country.
  • Island Haze: Launched in 2008, Island Haze targets a young audience with colorful and fun styles. They regularly release fashionable and trendy collections that resonate with the youth in Mauritius.
  • Out of Africa: A Mauritian brand since 1988, Out of Africa has a longstanding presence on the island with 3 locations: Ruisseau Creole (Black River), La Croisette (Grand Baie) and Trianon, La City .
Photo credit: Out of Africa

6. International Brands in Mauritius

Mauritius, despite its smaller fashion retail scene, is rapidly expanding its offerings of international brands. While it may not compete with the world’s largest cities, the island boasts an increasing number of malls (Bagatelle Mall, Tribecca Mall, Phoenix-Vacoas, Trianon, La Croisette…) where you can discover some of the most renowned fashion labels.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of famous brands that you can easily find on the island, so you don’t have to go abroad to satisfy your fashion needs (which would definitely be the least sustainable option):

Designer High-end and more sustainable brands:

  • Calvin Klein
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Hugo Boss
  • Levi’s
  • Adidas
  • Lacoste

Fast fashion brands:

  • Celio
  • Esprit
  • DCM Jennyfer
  • Etam
  • Mango
  • Pimkie
  • Springfield
  • GAP
  • Women’s Secret
  • Allsports
  • Quiksilver
  • Roxy
  • Jules
  • Decathlon (Moka)
  • Next
Photo credit: Bagatelle Mall

In conclusion, Mauritius offers a unique blend of style and sustainability in its fashion landscape. From embracing second-hand gems to supporting local craftsmanship and indulging in international brands, there’s no shortage of fashionable options on this beautiful island. The commitment to eco-conscious choices and ethical practices is evident in Mauritius’ evolving fashion scene.

If you think of more options that we didn’t mention, don’t hesitate to reach out! 

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