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Explore Unforgettable Date Ideas in Mauritius: From Artistic Delights to Exciting Adventures


Date nights don’t always have to revolve around the same old dinner-and-movie routine. As Valentine’s Day on Feb 14 approaches, consider elevating your romantic experiences in this enchanting island paradise. We’ve compiled a list of fun and interesting date ideas in Mauritius to give your love life a delightful boost. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just a spontaneous celebration, these cool date suggestions promise to add a touch of adventure and joy to your special moments.

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Fun date ideas in Mauritius

1. A Romantic Beach Escape in Mauritius

Discover romance on the sandy shores of Mauritius with our curated list of Frolic-approved beaches. Tamarin, Le Morne, Perrybere, Flic en Flac, Belle Mare, and Mont Choisy offer the perfect backdrop for a stroll, complemented by local treats. As the sun sets, indulge in local ice cream or tropical fruits, creating a relaxed and intimate connection amidst the rhythmic sounds of the ocean.

For those seeking more adventure, these pristine beaches also offer opportunities for snorkeling, kayaking, or a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters. With the tranquil setting and the natural beauty of Mauritius surrounding you, your beachside date provides the ideal atmosphere for both relaxation and adventure. Whether you choose to engage in heartfelt conversations, share laughter, or simply enjoy each other’s company in silence, the beach becomes a canvas for crafting beautiful memories together.

Dates in Mauritius
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2. Botanical Garden Bliss in Mauritius

Escape the hustle and bustle by immersing yourselves in the serenity of the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden. Enjoy a romantic moment in a calm setting, surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful flowers, fostering a close connection amid nature’s beauty. The garden’s tranquil ambiance provides a refreshing escape from the sun and creates the perfect backdrop for meaningful conversations.

Dates in Mauritius
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3. Culinary Exploration

“Discover the vibrant culinary landscape of Mauritius by taking your date on a delightful street food tour in Port Louis. Immerse yourselves in the local markets, explore the rich variety of street food, and share the experience of savoring these delectable delights together.

Our personal choice for a nice date would be to visit this magnificent colonial house Eureka House in Moka, Mauritius, and enjoy a lovely lunch in front of a beautiful view overlooking a vast lush garden, indulging in some delicious local cuisine. They only offer a lunch menu, and reservations can be made in advance through deals. mu.

Alternatively, savour the flavours of the island at cool brunch spots and waterfront restaurants that offer a perfect blend of delicious cuisine and a romantic ambiance. Feel free to explore our most recent guide, highlighting excellent brunch spots, as well as appealing Indian, Arabic, or sushi restaurants and many more. Whether you’re exploring the street food scene or indulging in a leisurely lunch with a view, Mauritius provides an array of culinary experiences to enhance your date and create lasting memories

4. Adventure at Casela World of Adventures

For adventurous couples, Casela World of Adventures is a must-visit. Engage in thrilling activities such as zip-lining, interacting with wildlife, and exploring the scenic surroundings. The adrenaline rush and shared adventures create unique and lasting memories for couples seeking excitement. You can all also enjoy a delectable all-you-can-eat buffet at their Blue Bird restaurant which also comes with a beautiful scenic view and some occasional tiny guests from the bird park. To top it off they also offer “Breakfast with Giraffe”. A morning filled with wonder and indulgence!

Dates in Mauritius
Photo Credit: Casela Nature Park via website

5. Hiking Adventure

There are so many reasons we love hiking as a date idea! Just a brief 5-minute immersion in nature has the potential to alleviate anxiety and enhance your overall mood. Nature not only has a soothing effect on the soul but engaging in hiking can also elevate dopamine levels in your body—the so-called feel-good hormone. When you embark on a hike with your date, the positive emotions experienced become associated with that person, fostering a deeper connection. Mauritius boasts breathtaking scenic hiking routes and beautiful waterfalls that are well worth discovering. Feel free to explore our article highlighting the best hiking and walking trails in Mauritius for more information.

Dates in Mauritius
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6. Mauritius Museum and Art Gallery Dates

Delve into the heart of Mauritius’ cultural tapestry with a date in its museums and art galleries. From the philatelic wonders at the Blue Penny Museum to the sweet history of L’Aventure du Sucre, these venues offer a rich blend of art, history, and creativity. Whether exploring elegant estates, capturing moments at photography museums, or immersing in contemporary expressions at La Cité des Arts, each experience becomes a unique backdrop for meaningful connections and shared discoveries. Plan your cultural date and check our latest guide on Top art galleries and museums in Mauritius.

7. Artful Romance at Drink&Draw

Turn your date night into an extraordinary adventure at Drink & Draw – a dynamic drawing session with an atmosphere that seamlessly blends creativity and casual enjoyment. You can embrace the joy of creating art together in a laid-back setting and also indulge in complimentary wine and snacks, enhancing the social aspect of the date and providing a relaxed environment for conversation and creativity. This event takes place regularly at Vanilla Village. You can check all their upcoming events here

8. Outdoor Movie Night for an Unforgettable Date

Indulge in a romantic evening under the stars by treating your date to an outdoor movie experience and immerse yourselves in the magic of cinema surrounded by the night sky, creating lasting memories with your date. To make the evening more memorable carry some nice snacks and beverages along with you. Check the movie lineup here and choose from multiple picturesque settings to make your outdoor movie experience truly special.

Dates in Mauritius
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9. Romantic Escape at Bois Chéri Tea Estate

Nestled in the hills of Mauritius, the Bois Chéri Tea Estate offers couples a tranquil and romantic retreat. Begin with a guided tour of the tea factory and then a tea-tasting session where you taste the different types of teas produced in the estate. For an added touch of excitement to your date, we strongly suggest a visit to the Bois Chéri Restaurant, boasting a picturesque backdrop. Enhance the experience by savoring freshly brewed tea and a delightful meal. With a stroke of luck, you may even have the chance to encounter deer and wild boars roaming the estate.

Dates in Mauritius
Photo Ctedit: ann1sa via Tripadvisor
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