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Diwali is around the corner: experience the Hindu Festival of Lights in Mauritius (updated for 2023)

Divali in Mauritius

 Diwali, also called Divali or Dipavali, is the most important hindu festival. This year, it falls on Sunday 12th of November, but celebrations start already in the week preceding that day. It is believed that on the night of Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi enters the house from the main door. That is why you might see things in front of the main gate of houses which will please Goddess Lakshmi. Expect homes to be decorated with gorgeous fairy lights, color garlands, candle lights and beautiful Rangolis on the floors, doorsteps and courtyards. Rangolis are traditionally created with color rice flour, flower petals and designed in various mandala shapes.  This magical celebration is also the occasion for families to get together, exchange presents, wear new clothes, pray or enjoy gateaux and indian sweet treats. Expect also to hear a lot of fire crackers in the streets on the night of the festival, traditionally cracked to ward of evil spirits. Here is how to get in the spirit of Diwali in Mauritius. 


How to celebrate Diwali in Mauritius in 2023


1. Get in the mood with music performances 

The Ministry of Arts and Cultural Heritage, in collaboration with the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, will organize national Diwali performances on November 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 2023, in Triolet, Flacq, and Souillac, respectively, with the participation of local artists and artists from the Greater Peninsula and with the winners of Indian Idol Season 13, including Rishi Singh.

More information to come… 


2. Get something new at the India Mauritius Shopping Carnaval 

Diwali is of course the occasion for Hindus to buy and wear new clothes, so expect the indianwear stores to be more busy than usual, and don’t miss the big shopping festival preceding Diwali. The  UTSAV – INDIA MAURITIUS SHOPPING CARNIVAL, the biggest International Home, Fashion & Lifestyle exhibition is taking place from November 1st to 5th at the SVICC in Pailles, with free entry for all. The event celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between India and Mauritius and promises to showcase the latest trends in clothing, garments, Indian wear, furniture, home decor, furnishings, jewelry, and much more. 
diwali in mauritius 2023

3. Attend a fire performance at the Green Village 

Fire performances are not a traditional or common part of Diwali celebrations.  However, this unique event, happening on November 11th, 2023, starting at 19h30, can be an entertaining way to celebrate the festival.  Hosted at The Green Village, attendees will be treated to fire performances, featuring both international sensations Votja Stolbenko and Melissa Richardson, as well as five talented local artists. The open stage fire jamming is sure to leave the audience in awe of their incredible talents. To ensure that hunger doesn’t steal the spotlight, mouthwatering wood-fired pizza is included with each ticket. The event is family-friendly, with free admission for children under 10 years old. Tickets, priced at Rs 750.00 per person, can be purchased via Green Village or Otayo. With gluten-free and vegan options available, this Diwali Night Celebration promises an unforgettable experience of lights, music, and good food. 

diwali mauritius fire performances


 4. Indulge a festive meal, gateaux and indian sweets at top Indian restaurants on the island

 Diwali is that time of the year where you’re allowed to indulge in indian sweets. In Mauritius, special dishes and snacks are often created specifically for Diwali and some are typically Mauritian, based on recipes passed down from generation to generation. That’s the case of the Gateau Patates, made with sweet potato, filled with sweet coconut and then deep-fried. Those gateaux will be sold across the island during the Diwali weekend. 

Among the all time traditional indian sweets favorites, you’ll soon develop cravings for gulab jamun, sometimes refered as indian donut, which are deep-fried dumplings soaked in a sugar syrup laced with rose water. Other irresistible sweets are malai kulfi, ice cream made with creamy milk and chopped almonds, darfis, densely packed sweets usually cut into squares, diamonds or circles or rasmalai, an aromatic dish of cottage cheese dumplings steeped in cardamon-infused milk syrup. You’ll find those dishes in most Indian restaurants but you’ll find the most traditional indian sweets at Namo India which has branches in Rose Hill and Port Louis, or Flame en Grill, one of the most popular authentic indian restaurants located in Quatre Borne. 

indian sweets diwali

5. Visit beautiful hindu temples in Mauritius

This might be the occasion to visit one of the many hindu temples across Mauritius, as Diwali is also a time for prayers.   Read our article on the most stunning Hindu temples in Mauritius to find a selection of the most beautiful and serene temples on the island.

6.  Soak up in the festive atmosphere at Triolet 

Triolet is a village well known for their grandiose and very elaborate decorations and fireworks displays during Diwali. Keep in mind there might be a lot of traffic to get there. 


7. Unleash your inner creativity by designing your own Rangolis or decorating oil lamps with your family 

Traditionally, Rangoli is an art of decoration drawn on the floor or the entrances of homes, and is especially popular during Diwali. It is thought to bring good luck, prosperity on the house and in the family, and to welcome guests. You’ll find the colorful flour powder used to create Rangolis in supermarkets across the island, so give it a try if you feel creative. 


Another creative way to celebrate Diwali is to decorate the traditional clay lamps. Being the Festival of Lights, one way to truly indulge in the spirit of Diwali is to light a lamp or candle, and why not lighting candles you’ve decorated yourself with your kids !

If you have other ideas or know other events and interesting things to do during Diwali, let us know in the comments or contact us 🙂 

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