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Best coworking space in Mauritius: 6 options for digital nomads

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While the idea of working comfortably in pajamas at home or on the beach might seem perfect, finding a coworking space to work while in Mauritius will definitely help boost productivity and create a sense of professional belonging. Avoid the urge to work from trendy cafes (but if that’s your thing, we have also listed the best cafes with WIFI to work from in the West), and instead, opt for a fully equipped coworking space in Mauritius. Bid farewell to procrastination and welcome enhanced productivity! Embracing a coworking environment not only fosters a structured work regimen but also facilitates valuable networking prospects with individuals sharing analogous professional backgrounds. Furthermore, a majority of these spaces provide crucial amenities including reliable internet connectivity, uninterrupted power supply, and more.

In line with this, we have meticulously curated the best coworking spaces in Mauritius as of the 2023 review. This compilation aims to assist you in making an informed choice tailored to your preferences and requirements.

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Find the best coworking space in Mauritius for you


1. Workshop17 Mauritius (North, Center & South)

Workshop17 is reshaping coworking in Mauritius with innovative plans. The company’s overarching vision is to establish itself as the foremost market leader in the coworking domain. This involves strategically setting up multiple sites at key nodal points across the island. Currently, they are present in two key locations like Vivea, Moka, Grand Baie, and Gros Bois. 

Workshop17 is offerings “All-day access to hot desking” with varying hourly allocations, making it an attractive proposition for a wide range of professionals and you can access all W17 locations across the country for just Rs 1500 per month. At Workshop17 Mauritius, your meetings are guaranteed to run smoothly with reliable electronics, a robust Internet signal, and immunity from power outages

With pricing tiers for different working styles – day pass, on the road, your own boss, adventurer, and private office- and different durations – monthly, 6 months, and 12 months – the company ensures accessibility for individuals and businesses of varying sizes and requirements.

Photo Credit: www.workshop17.mu
Co-working space, Workshop17 Mauritius
Photo Credit: Google Maps

2. The Hive workplace (North & Center)

The Hive Workplace offers an unparalleled blend of functionality, community, and innovation. One of the standout features of The Hive is its emphasis on diversity and flexibility. Catering to the diverse needs of modern professionals, The Hive offers a range of spaces that cater to your specific requirements.

The Hive coworking monthly membership, priced at Rs 3500, grants access to The Hive’s diverse locations, letting you effortlessly change your workspace while you venture into new opportunities. Unlimited tea, coffee, and water accompany this package, alongside essential utilities like internet, electricity, and cleaning. Plus, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of 4 hours of monthly meeting room usage – a valuable asset for smooth discussions and presentations. If you’re looking to experience The Hive for just a day, the day pass option at Rs 450 provides an enticing opportunity. 

Workplace- The Hive:

  • THE HIVE Nouvelle Usine- Mangalkan – Floréal
  • THE HIVE St Pierre- Old Post Office Road, St Pierre
  • THE HIVE Beau Plan- Residential Zone, Beau Plan Roundabout, Pamplemousses
  • THE HIVE Quartier des Serres- Domaine de Labourdonnais, Quartier des Serres MU, Mapou 31803
The Hive Co-Working space, Top Co-working space in Mauritius
Photo Credit: The Hive
The Hive Workplace, Best Co-Working space in Mauritius
Photo Credit- The Hive

3. Coworking Port Louis- Center

Hidden in the center of old Port-Louis is a special coworking space that beautifully combines history and innovation. This 300-square-meter coworking area occupies two well-preserved colonial houses from the 18th century, connected by a delightful cobblestone courtyard. Coworking Port Louis is a place of inspiration, welcoming professionals to enjoy the mix of colonial history and modern style. Catering to a spectrum of professionals – from small teams seeking a central location to startups, freelancers, and digital nomads seeking a conducive environment – this space effortlessly accommodates them all. The fully equipped conference rooms with projectors, speakers, and microphones, ensure that presentations and discussions are seamless. It’s the little touches, such as a postal address and a dedicated phone line, that elevate the professional image of long-term residents.

For freelancers and digital nomads seeking the perfect spot, the Courtyard Desk is a haven. Priced at a flat fee of Rs 1,990 per month, this option offers an inspiring workspace within the picturesque colonial ambiance. It’s the epitome of work-life balance, where productivity thrives within the embrace of heritage.

Coworking Port Louis, 32 St.Georges Street Port-Louis

Best Co-working space in Mauritius, Co- Working Port Louis
Photo Credit: Coworking Port-Louis

4. Zendō- Center

Nestled in the heart of the island, in Ebene, Zendō positions itself as a haven that echoes the spirit of Zen culture.  At Zendō, every facet of your work experience is meticulously curated to inspire productivity, foster well-being, and nurture a sense of community. Free Wi-Fi ensures seamless connectivity, while the soothing ambiance becomes a canvas for your focused efforts. As you immerse yourself in your tasks, complimentary tea, coffee, and water are close at hand, elevating your comfort and engagement.

The fusion of innovative workspaces and well-being initiatives ensures that you can be productive while also safeguarding your mental and physical health. The coworking model at Zendō speaks to both teams and individuals, offering a harmonious environment that encourages growth, collaboration, and tranquility. The membership packages are tailored to cater to diverse needs, enfolding the essence of a Zen environment. 

Zendō, 5th Floor, MU, ICONEBENE Rue de L’institut, 72201 Ebene

Zendo Co-working spcae, best Co-working space in Mauritius
Photo Credit- Zendō

5. TBE Mauritius- Center

At the heart of The Business Exchange (TBE) ‘s spirit lies a dedication to providing the essential office headquarters for businesses. TBE is prepared to accommodate a variety of demands, from yearly board meetings to dynamic conferences, with a portfolio of fully-equipped private offices and top-tier conference rooms. A concierge service ensures seamless assistance for guests arriving from across Africa, facilitating a global connection.

TBE is more than just a coworking space; it is a holistic business solution built for modern businesses. Shared and serviced offices, together with professional reception services and cutting-edge conference rooms, foster a productive and collaborative atmosphere. TBE’s services are all designed to improve productivity and enrich your workplace experience.

TBE, Mauritius, 1 Cybercity, MU, Quatre Bornes 72201

The Business Exchange Co-working space, best Co-working space in Mauritius
Photo Credit: TBE
Photo Credit-TBE

6. Co-Lab (West)

In the enchanting embrace of the West Coast of Mauritius, a new workspace named Co-Lab has opened up. The inception of Co-Lab means no more boring and lonely workdays for people. At Co-Lab, the idea is easy but amazing: enjoy teamwork and see how connecting can make a difference. Nestled within the Vanilla Connect in Black River, Mauritius, this colorful space with an industrial touch is more than just desks; it’s a hub of innovation where everyone’s unique ideas come together for creative excellence. Co-Lab offers different plans, from shared desks for meeting people to quiet personal desks for focused creativity, all based on what you need. Affordable pricing plans cater to the diverse needs of professionals seeking a transformational workspace experience. Whether you opt for the Flexible 10 Plan, the Flexible 60 Plan, or the Full Access Plan, Co-Lab ensures that you have a regular home where collaboration and productivity flourish. 

Co-Lab Mauritius, Vanilla Village, Grande Riviere Noire

Co-Lab Co working space
Photo Credit- Co Lab
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