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Mahashivratri: The Great Night of Shiva Pilgrimage (Expats Welcomed!)

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Mahashivrati : The Great Night of Shiva pilgrimage in Mauritius, Expats Welcomed

Come celebrate with us one of the major Hindu festivals in Mauritius. Maha Shivaratri means Shiva’s Great Night.
It is celebrated during the new moon (the lunar phase during which the stars are not visible in the night sky).

During the whole week, Hindu Mauritians will start their pilgrimage walk to the sacred lake of Ganga Talao located in Grand-Bassin (There’s a myth that Ganga Talao has a link with the symbolic holy river Ganges in India). Pilgrims come from all around the island and will walk miles for this celebration. Mauritius is a multicultural country, so you will see many non-Hindus walk to support their Hindu friends out of solidarity.

If you want to experience this as a local, join us on the 15th of February as we’ll walk together from La Marie (Vacoas-Phoenix) to Grand Bassin (2h15 each way). Make sure you don’t miss this very unique experience!

It’s a FREE event.


Clothes covering your shoulders and knees out of respect will be better and avoid wearing black clothes.


– Good shoes
– Water
– Lamp torch
– Fruits and scented sticks if you want to offer to the Gods at the lake


Please join our Frolic meetup Whatsapp group by clicking here for all the details on that day and all updates about our other Frolic meetups.

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