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Local news this week in Mauritius (26 Jan-1st Feb) – what you need to know

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Tanks: Filling rate approaching the 60% mark

The filling rate of the reservoirs has improved after the heavy showers across the island in recent days, having reached 58.5% on 29 June, while several places in the country, particularly near Plaines-Wilhems, Curepipe , Grand-Bassin Mare-aux-Vacoas and also Mon Bois. On the side of the Water Resources Unit and the Central Water Authority, we remain on our guard despite this increase in the level of water storage. It is suggested that a crucial period is looming between the months of February and March in terms of rains. The WRU technicians point out that we must hope for other showers during the next few weeks to allow the reservoirs to fill up before the winter season.


Rs 6.7 billion to bring the dodo back to life

“As dead as a sleep”. This expression could one day be reviewed and corrected. At least that is what Colossal Biosciences, an American genomics company, wants. According to Sky News, this company, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, claims to have obtained funding of 150 million dollars (approximately Rs 6.7 billion) to support a project to modify the DNA of the closest living relative of the dodo to recreate this iconic bird of Mauritius. This bird the size of a turkey lived only on our country. The last dodo disappeared from the planet four centuries ago. US company Colossal Biosciences, which two years ago announced plans to revive the woolly mammoth, said it now wants to bring back the dodo. This announcement quickly went around the world. Several renowned media such as The Guardian, CNN and Sky News are talking about it this Wednesday, February 1.
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