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Local news this week in Mauritius (15-21 April) – what you need to know

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New traffic plan on the B28 road at Anse Jonchée

Major works related to flood mitigation measures are currently underway by Rehm Grinaker Construction Co. Ltd along the B28 road at Anse Jonchée. As a result, a new traffic plan will be put in place from April 19, 2023. The double track along the Mahebourg-Flacq road (B28) will be transformed into a signaling lane for a period of ten months. Necessary signs will be installed in each work area, and the police will be present to inform and guide road users. Drivers are strongly advised to exercise caution when approaching the work area and to obey the applicable speed limit.

Tax regulation

Municipal tax abolition regulations promulgated this month

Decision taken by the Council of Ministers on Friday. The measure concerning the abolition of the municipal real estate tax comes into force this month. Cabinet has indeed taken note that the Exemption of Municipal Tax on Family Home Regulations 2023 and amendment to the Local Government Schedule, which relate to the abolition of the municipal tax on family homes, will be enacted in April 2023.


Ébène Link Road is open to traffic

The construction of the Ébène Link Road has been completed and it is now open to traffic. The work has been undertaken by the firm General Construction to facilitate access via a fly-over overlooking the M1 motorway, at the Tribeca Mall, in Trianon, whose phase 2 construction works are in full swing. This new Smart City, which will cover an area of ​​120 acres, is being developed by Hermes Properties Ltd.


The Flyover at the Quai D roundabout is operational

The flyover at the Quai D roundabout in Mer-Rouge has been operational since 2 p.m. 15th of April. In a statement after the ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Husnoo stressed that the Pier D roundabout was a major access point and was currently operating beyond capacity, during peak hours and off-peak, with a flow of 6,000 vehicles per hour and subsequent queues, along the M2 motorway and adjacent roads such as Marine Road and Military Road B30.
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