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Local news this week in Mauritius (23-1 March) – what you need to know

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The Ministry of Health detects bacteria in an Aqua Spring water sample

The Ministry of Health, through a press release issued on Tuesday, advised that it had detected pseudomonas aeruginosa, a bacterium, “in a sample of water from the Aqua Springs brand marketed by Country Springs Co Ltd”. To this end, the ministry asks the public not to consume Aqua Spring brand water until further notice. Retailers are instructed to remove bottles of this brand from their shelves with immediate effect.


Ecological commitment: the forecourt of Saint-Louis cathedral gives way to a micro-forest

The initiative comes from the diocese of Port-Louis which, through the organization Action For Environment Protection (NGO of the diocese), in partnership with Tiny Forest of Mauritius, officially launched, last Friday, the project to plant a micro-forest in the heart of the capital.

Road infrastructure

Bypass of Verdun: works estimated at Rs 322 M will end next month

The A7 road in Verdun passes through highly urbanized areas with low road capacity and reaches saturation point during peak periods. The M3/A7 junction experiences major traffic congestion with queues to the village of Alma and Helvetia during the morning and afternoon peaks respectively. The junctions will not be able to cater to additional traffic due to the upcoming major development in this region i.e. Moka Smart City among others. The proposed project, estimated at Rs 322 million, will include a route from Moka – Camp-de-Masque Road – A7, past the village of Alma and provide an alternative route to Terre-Rouge – Verdun – Trianon Link Road, M3 without going through the village of Verdun. In a next phase, a new link will be built via a new interchange across M3 to connect the Saint-Pierre bypass and the A7 road.

Health infrastructure

Pointe-aux-Sables: New community health center inaugurated

A new community health center was inaugurated last Thursday in Pointe-aux-Sables. The project, worth Rs 29.1 million, involving the demolition of an old structure as well as the construction of a new two-storey building, began in October 2021. Health Minister Kailesh Jagutpal highlighted that in line with the government’s vision to improve health services and outcomes for the people, the development of health infrastructure continues across the republic.


University of Mauritius: A solar energy laboratory set up

The University of Mauritius, in partnership with Huawei Mauritius, has set up a laboratory to support the development of solar energy. This is part of the Park of Excellence in Solar Photovoltaic (PESP) project on the Réduit campus. Making the University of Mauritius a reference in electricity, developing skills to support photovoltaic education, encouraging research and innovation, these are the objectives of the solar energy laboratory launched this week. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun said that this event is a milestone in the Indian Ocean.
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