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Local news this week in Mauritius (2-8 Feb) – what you need to know

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We are curating every week the local news that you need to know as a resident in Mauritius. Don’t miss out on any important updates from now on.


Reservoir levels: A 30% jump in the space of two weeks

The heavy showers that have showered the country over the past two weeks have been beneficial to the reservoirs, with a 30% increase in the overall filling rate between January 20 and yesterday. In the current context, where the level of the reservoirs is 65.2%, the pressure is easing on the Water Resource Monitoring Committee (WRMC) which is crossing its fingers that the latest forecasts from the Vacoas weather station, reporting an extension of the rains during this week are materializing… to get out of a crisis that will inevitably mark the spirits.


By the end of the year Air Mauritius will serve four destinations in India

To date, Air Mauritius only flies to Mumbai, India. This, due to its limited capacity, whereas before the Covid-19 pandemic, the national aviation company served four major cities. The deal is however set to change soon, we know within the Ministry of Tourism. Especially with an increase in the number of Indian destinations. Thus, from May 3, Air Mauritius will once again be in Delhi. Chennai and Bangalore are also expected to add to the list of connections.

New regulation

Mobile telephony: you have until December 31, 2023 to re-register your SIM card

The new Information and Communication Technologies (Registration of SIM) (Amendment) Regulations 2023 will take effect on June 30, 2023. For this purpose, any person who, as of June 30, 2023, holds a SIM card or M2M SIM card must, no later than December 31, 2023, re-register their SIM card or M2M SIM card with their operator.


Certificate of Character: applications now possible online

From Thursday, February 9, applications for a Certificate of Character can be made online, informs the office of the DPP in collaboration with the police, through a press release. Thus, once the certificate has been issued, it can be downloaded. Note that payment will also be made online.


Decathlon Mauritius – A second store in Beau-Plan

Decathlon Maurice will open a second store this year in the heart of the Beau-Plan Business District. With a sales area of ​​1,800 square meters, more than 5,000 products from around sixty sports activities will be offered. A 500 m2 play area, supervised by a team of sports sales experts, will also be set up.

Electric cars

Launch of E-Motion, the first network of charging stations for electric cars

The launch of E-Motion, demonstrating Vivo Energy and IBL Energy’s desire to stand out by facilitating car charging, was favorably received. This initiative welcomed by Alan Ganoo, Minister of Road Transport and Light Rail, who also announced that the National Transport Corporation (CNT) intends in the near future to operate 200 electric buses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while promoting an ecological mode of transport. E-Motion, resulting from a partnership between Vivo Energy Mauritius and IBL Energy, aims to provide the country with its very first network of charging stations for electric cars. Twenty terminals have been installed in different places on the island to meet the needs of those with electric cars in terms of reliability and speed. The locations identified are located near highways, shopping centers, gas stations, health facilities, hotel sites, among others.


Drinking water quality: Ingenia offers a tester and a new range of purifiers

Tap water is a source of concern in times of heavy downpours and during droughts. Ingenia adds to its range of new solutions that are easy to access and use to guarantee greater security for individuals and businesses. Generally speaking, the portable No Pink No Drink kit detects the presence of chlorine after disinfection of the water distributed and thus gives the guarantee that it is free of pathogens and harmful waste. Ingenia’s range also includes water purifiers designed to be attached to the plumbing system. These latest generation filters instantly remove impurities, bad tastes and odors before the water leaves the tap.


Albion: The footbridge leading to the beach closed until further notice

The iron footbridge leading to the public beach of Albion alongside Club Med will be closed from Monday February 6 until further notice following a decision by the District Council, which has finally taken the measure of the danger represented by this structure which has suffered obvious degradation over time, until it threatens to collapse.


Sterile Insect Technique: 500,000 tiger mosquitoes released in the Champ-de-Mars region

– This initiative causes a 10% drop in egg fertility of targeted mosquitoes in the area The rainy season favors the proliferation of mosquitoes in several regions of the island. The Vector Biology and Control Division of the Ministry of Health is currently implementing the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) project, to control mosquitoes that transmit diseases, such as dengue fever and chikungunya.


Inauguration of the Constance bridge to “cope with bad weather”

Now longer and wider, the Constance bridge was inaugurated. The tenth rebuilt to cope with bad weather, according to the Minister of Public Infrastructure, Bobby Hurreeram. “It is also better equipped to face torrential rains and potential overflow of the river,” he wrote on his Facebook page.


Maha Shivaratree: drones banned in the Grand-Bassin region

As part of the Maha Shivaratree celebrations next weekend, it is prohibited to fly or use a drone over areas where processions to the Gaga Talo or gatherings are taking place, unless authorized by the Director of the ‘civil Aviation.


Construction: Prices have remained very high since the Covid

In two years, 25 to 35% increase in costs. Labor shortage still a problem.
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