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Local news this week in Mauritius (18 Jan-25 jan) – what you need to know

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Metro Express: the Rose-Hill - Réduit commercial service – operational this Monday

The commercial service of phase 3 of the Metro Express project, ensuring the connection between Rose-Hill, Ébène and Réduit, is operational from this Monday. The price for this trip is Rs 35 (without ME Card).

Water issue

Following recent rains: the water level of reservoirs is up 5% in 10 days - still significantly lower than it was in 2022

The filling rate of our tanks is not very good. Despite the heavy rains, the reservoirs are only 37% full. The situation is significantly lower than it was in 2022 at this time, but in 10 days, that is to say from January 13 to 23, there has been a small improvement. The Central Water Authority (CWA) and the Water Resources Unit (WRU) are monitoring the situation closely. At the CWA, it is indicated that the Water Resources Monitoring Committee (WRMC) will meet this week. “The WRMC will meet by Thursday. However, we should not wait for a relaxation in the distribution of water, ”says a manager of the organization.


Retail: SPORT 2000 opens at Tribeca Mall - another will open in Coeur de Ville Tamarin and in Plaisance Shopping Village

The specialized multisport brand SPORT 2000 is settling in the Tribeca Mall over an area of ​​1,000 square meters. This is not only the first store of this brand in Mauritius but also the first in the southern hemisphere. It brings together an assortment of multi-brand products built around key universes adapted to the Mauritian clientele, such as running, swimming, outdoor activities, training and fashion, among others. Another SPORT 2000 store will open in Cœur de Ville Tamarin and another in Plaisance Shopping Village.
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