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Local news this week in Mauritius (17-22 Feb) – what you need to know

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Nous sélectionnons chaque semaine les actualités locales que vous devez connaître en tant que résident à Maurice. Ne manquez aucune mise à jour importante à partir de maintenant.


Bois-Chéri: A bypass under construction

The construction of a bypass in Bois-Chéri, which is part of the overall master plan for the South, is underway with a view to improving road safety. Rue Pandit Jhummun Giri Gossagne Napal in Bois-Chéri has poor geometry with the presence of tight bends. It crosses highly urbanized areas and represents a danger for road users, in particular the inhabitants of the village of Bois-Chéri. Also, during the Maha Shivaratree period, a high volume of traffic is generated causing traffic jams. Work on the new track is taking place near the tea factory in Bois-Chéri. This road will bypass the village of Bois-Chéri for some 2.2 kilometers to the football field in Grand-Bois.


Wooton: construction of an intersection

The Road Development Authority will engage in the construction of a junction at the Wooton M1 roundabout, which will last from next February 21 to March 31, 2024. In this regard, the ramp lane dedicated to traffic from Quartier-Militaire to the south will be permanently closed as the work is carried out, and when the work is completed, a new slip road will be introduced.
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